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Deicide tickets offer a concert that features one of the most influential metal bands ever. The band is known for its brutal sound and strong, dark lyrical content. They are known as the founding father of death metal. Their two albums Deicide and Legion are at the second and third place in best-selling death metal album of the SoundScan era. Deicide is a band that has been in controversies for its blasphemous lyrics but the band has blatantly continued with its distinctive music. Deicide has been giving hits over the years and still stands strong. The Deicide have a devoted fan following who love to see the band perform to their popular numbers and to listen to Benton’s trademark growling voice. The crowds roar with excitement as the band blasts one number after the other. The energy level is high at the concerts. If you want be part of the roaring crowd then make sure you have the tickets. If you hurry you can get your hands on cheap Deicide tickets.

About Deicide

The American band’s history goes back to 1987. Deicide emerged from Tampa, Florida. It all started when guitarist Brian Hoffman called Glen Benton who had advertised in a local music magazine. The band with Benton along with guitarists Brian and Eric Hoffman and drummer Steve Asheim came together under the name Amon. They soon started recording their songs in Benton’s garage and also played gigs in the Tampa area.  The death metal band also underwent number of changes and renamed the band as Carnage.
When they signed with Roadrunner Records, the band decided to change its names to Deicide. It was with Roadrunner Records that Decide released its eponymous debut in 1990. The ground-breaking album was recorded at Tampa’s Morrisouns Studio. It was termed as one of the Top 100 Albums of the 90s by Terrorizer magazine. The classic songs Dead by Dawn and Lunatic of God'’s Creation with Benton’s fierce vocals became quite popular with the fans. The Hoffmans double-guitar attack was much appreciated in the album.
After the blistering success came another one with Legion. The album was an immediate success. It reinforced the bands image and their intense musical approach. The anti-Christian stance and ferocious lyrical content marked them as a controversial band. It was a reputation that the band never avoided. The appearances of the group members, the live antics at the concerts, the dark lyrical content all reinforced their image as a death metal band known for its extremity. 
The next albums showed that Deicide wanted to relentlessly carry on with their musical attacks despite the protests, the censorships and all the odds. The group toured and brought their brand of music to their fans. Never apologetic for their music style the band continued with its musical journey and went on to sell over a million records. In Torment In Hell released in 2001 was the last release of the band with Roadrunner. Deicide’s Behind The Scars: Underneath The Skin of Deicide DVD became a big success. Riding on the wave of success the band went on a touring spree. When the Hoffman brother parted ways from the death metal band the fans were shocked and it created an unstable picture for the band, but it endured the tests of time. With the release of their ninth studio album Till Death Do Us Part in 2008 and then To Hell with God in 2011, the American death metal band affirmed their status as one of its kind band.
The band over the years have defined and redefined death metal. Not only their extreme lyrics landed them with controversies but the band is known to carry on with its extreme live antics at the concerts as well. Deicide has faced its share of problems but despite everything they have remained true to the music that their fans. Today the band is busy touring continuing to attract fans that love the brutish metal sound and strong music that stands them apart.

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