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Deer Tick is an Indie Rock, Indie Folk, Alternative Rock band based in Rhode Island, Providence, America. John McCauley, who is the guitarist and singer-songwriter, leads the band.

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Overall, the music is refered to as a mixture of blues, folk and country. The band consists of five band members including Christopher Dale Ryan, Ian O'Neil, Dennis Ryan, Rob Crowell and John J. McCauley. Deer Tick came into existence in 2004 and is penetrating into the music industry with time. The band released its debut album named as “War Elephant” in 2007 and received good feedback from the listeners. The second album “Born on Flag Day” was released in 2009. The band has a successful tour in the United States after this release and then toured Europe as well. The Black Dirt Sessions is the latest album that has been released in 2010 and is expected to be appreciated by everyone. The band has contracted with Fargo Records in order to release the albums all over the UK. The hit singles by the band include “Easy”, “20 Miles” and “What Kind of Fool am I”, “Goodnight, Irene” which has increased its popularity significantly. The band is still in the growth stage and going up the ladder gradually. But the performance by the band members ensure their ultimate rocking success which is expected in the future. Listening to live music is always a great fun. Listening to Deer Tick wouldn’t be a bad idea. Get the Deer Tick Boston Tickets and have great fun!