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The Dave Mathews Band has received critical acclaim for its unusual complex compositions and catchy lyrics. The worldwide sales of this group have crossed the thirty million mark. The music of Dave Mathews Band is an innovative blend of bluegrass, alternative rock, jazz and grunge. This band’s highest selling album, Crash, went seven times platinum in the US. Camden City is ready to welcome this group so do attend their next concert by getting Dave Mathews Band Camden tickets.

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Dave Mathews Band originated in Charlottesville, Virginia. The band was formed by seasoned musician Dave Mathews in 1991. The current lineup includes Mathews, drummer Carter Beauford, bassist Stefan Lessard, saxophone player Jeff Coffin, guitarist Tim Reynolds and violinist Boyd Tinsley. Some of the band’s hit albums are Under the Table and Dreaming, Everyday, Busted Stuff, Crash and Standup. Busted Stuff and Crash landed at number one on the Billboard 200 Chart.


The Dave Mathews Band is famous for its powerful live performances. You must have been listening to the songs of this gifted group on your music players but to get a true feeling of the music, you should catch this band live. The venue for the upcoming Dave Mathews Band concert in Camden will be Susquehanna Bank Center. If you haven’t got the tickets yet then hurry up and buy Dave Mathews Band Camden tickets now.


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Q:Can I get a refund after already purchasing my Dave Matthews band 2016 Camden concert tickets?

A:No, we cannot refund a purchase if you have already bought the Dave Matthews Band Camden Tickets. We strongly suggest you look at all the concert dates to determine which will be the most convenient one for you before making a final decision on buying your actual ticket.