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The first time that one listens to Dan Deacon's, it might sound as if he stood in his backyard and recorded the screeching and hissing of alley cats and then went back inside and tweaked and remixed the catty cacophony on his laptop. Well considering that one of his early electronic offerings is actually titled Twacky Cats, and the wide variety of musical influences that his musical creations seem to ingrain, he just might have resorted to literally capturing cat calls. However, the West Babylon born music composer is rather more at home in an equally bizarre realm known as Snow Ghost that lies deep within the wooded regions of Whitefish, Montana. Rather than this being the mystical domain of some ancient Native American supernatural entity, it is one of the many high-tech studios that Dan has used to record his digital ditties. Secure some cheap Dan Deacon tickets now to sample some of his staccato symphonies.

About Dan Deacon Tickets

Where the Babylon of yore has gone down in the history books as having been the spawning grounds for many a quirky entity, such as Baal and Nimrod, nouveau reincarnations of this cradle of civilization include "Baby-London" and West Babylon. Where the former region has been the seat of power of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha royal dynasty aka House of Windsor for the past two hundred years, the latter is simply a community in Long Island New York, with one of its claims to inane fame being the birthplace of the up and coming electronic artist Dan Deacon. Dan went onto instill within himself his nouveau Babylonian heritage to the hilt by graduating from Babylon High School. Following a degree from the Conservatory of Music from the State University of New York, did stints with various bands, playing instruments such as the tuba whilst with Langhorne Slim and gunning the guitar during his time with Rated R. Dan Deacon capped his musical initiation with a graduate level specialization in electro-acoustic as well as computer music, having the likes of Dary John Mizelle as well as Joel Thorne as his melodious mentors.
The first two offerings that trickled out of Dan Deacon were Meetle Mice and Silly Hat vs Egale Hat, names that even old John D. Rockefeller could not have put better, what with the albums having been released by the his company's eponymous Standard Oil Records in 2003. Dan Deacon commenced his ongoing electronic tirade when he moved to Baltimore, Maryland and formed an arts and music organization by the name of Wham City with his former college mates. Subsequently, he released the whacky Twacky Cats through Comfort Stand Records and Porky Pig via the "oily" record label again in 2004 and the Acorn Master two years later. However, it was with 2007's Spiderman of the Rings that Dan Deacon had the beacon of limelight shine his way, and saw the respective album peak the 12th spot on the Top Electronic Albums chart. A bunch of Dan Deacon tickets will let you be stuck firmly in the web of vibes that will be spun out by this symphonic Spiderman.
2009 saw Dan Deacon's record Bromst enter the Billboard 200 charts whilst breaking into the top-ten slot on both the Top Electronic Albums and Top Heatseekers chart. Dan Deacon also successfully exploited the power of social media and the internet to garner fame, when in 2006 he released a video of a dialogue based track titled "Drinking out of Cups".  The video, created by Liam Lynch, featured a rambling gecko-like creature that became widely rumored to have been a recording of a guy high on LSD and locked inside a closet after it went viral on YouTube, garnering more than 15 million views to date. You can also have your melodious high sans psychotropic drugs by claiming some Dan Deacon tickets.  
In the past five years, Dan Deacon has performed in numerous music festivals around the world, namely 2008's Coachella in California, 2009's Lollapalooza in Chicago and 2010's Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee. Dan has also garnered a spate of accolades, such as the inclusion of his track "Crystal Cat" in Rolling Stone magazine's list of the Top 100 singles of 2007. Dan Deacon has even performed in the artistic ambience of museums such as the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Fort Worth Museum of Art. Latch onto some cheap Dan Deacon tickets now to writhe in a state of electronically synthesized frenzy or to be lapped at by lilting melodies.