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Coldplay is a post-British pop rock act that has set new standards in alternative rock. The band has been in mainstream music for fifteen years. It enjoys success and fame comparable to none. A progeny of the post grunge progressive momentum, the band crafted alternative with the rawest energy and rebellious zeal. Coldplay showcased it in it first official set of EP’s. A row of these records scouted them to big recording labels. From here on, Coldplay was bound to go places and it did.

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Coldplay is a star in British and international alternative scene. It has an NME Award,  many Brit Awards, a Mercury Award Nomination, multiple MTV Video Music Awards and seven Grammy Awards to its credit. It all started From Yellow the single, that lead to Parachute (2000) and A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002). This line-up of studio efforts earned huge applause from public and positive reviews from all over the world. X&Y(2005) proved groundbreaking as it became the years and the bands best seller ever. From  Viva la Vida to Mylo Xyloto Coldplay maintained its credibility as a super band excelling and acing every dimension.
Coldplay lands in Vancouver as a part of the band’s NA tour. Coldplay Vancouver showcases the band at Roger’s Arena. Coldplay Vancouver tickets play Coldplay live, coming to perform live after three years in North America. Coldplay Vancouver is undoubtedly a highly anticipated event this spring. Coldplay Vancouver tickets are the hottest selling cakes for now. Coldplay Vancouver tickets are going to rock with full force.

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