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Coldplay San Jose concert will be bringing you the band you have all been waiting to watch performing live in the funky atmosphere of thoroughly thriving rock sensibilities. Coldplay was created back in 1996 when two talented students of University College London, Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland, brought together their outstanding artistic abilities with the former contributing through his delicious vocal capacities and the latter demonstrating his seriously skillful techniques at playing the guitar. They were later joined by fellow bassist Guy Berryman and percussion specialist Will Champion, becoming an absolutely fantastic British rock band that was equipped with all the talent, skills, techniques and strategies necessary in making huge smashing hits. The quartet found themselves shifting and shuffling between band names until they chose to stick to being known as ‘Coldplay’ in 1998. They have also been noted for their thrilling experimental philosophy towards created new sounds with each progressive album beginning with soft pop rock, going on to alternative rock, then art rock and then finally settling with the industrial rock sounds. They have developed artistically right before us with their studio album releases beginning with Parachutes from 2000 and leading on to their most recent release known as Mylo Xyloto in 2011.

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The band performing at Coldplay San Jose show has contributed magnificently to the alternative rock genre and has won notable awards and prizes where Grammy wins are a frequent happening, so get Coldplay San Jose tickets and experience the legend for yourself. 

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