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Coldplay Portland show is a rock concert by the world famous, super rock band, Coldplay that is known for its subtly meditative, neatly romantic vibes. The British musical group has associated itself with the likes of limestone rock and proclaims to have taken significant influence from the alternative rock sounds of Travis, a Scottish band. The band has experimented with lyrical themes, melodies, and the various sound components, making each of their successive studio albums sound different than the previous one. They have slowly evolved their rock quality and have gained serious recognition from prestigious, high-end institutions that unanimously consider Coldplay artists to be something of ‘Rock Statesmen’. The band’s first album titles Parachutes has been extensively compared to bands from the same genre including Radiohead, Oasis and U2.  Their recent work has been noted to lean towards a more art rock style that is strongly reminiscent of music sensibilities brought in by similar acts such as My Bloody Valentine, Blur and Arcade Fire. Some of their big time hits include tracks like Yellow, In My Place, Trouble, The Scientist, Shiver and Green Eyes.

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Coldplay Portland performance will feature an outstanding, thrillingly entertaining, and musically promising set list including songs from their chart-topping albums such as Parachutes, A Rush of Blood to the Head, Mylo Xyloto, X & Y and Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends. Make use of this golden opportunity by getting some Coldplay Portland tickets and experience a real rocking evening.