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The US has undoubtedly produced some of the finest of musicians and bands, especially when it comes to alternative rock, no other  nation can hardly match up to their standards. One such band who has mastered this genre of music likes to call themselves, Cold War Kids. Yet they must not be underesti9mauted as mere kids especially when it comes to making music. This US bands Foote is alternative rock which they skillfully lace with elements of blues and country. Basically this Californian quartet creates amazing raw and powerful music that holds you by the lapels and drags you to a venue where the Kid Rock is doing their thing. Carefully fusing underground rock with a bluesy and soulful vibe these musicians can make you toss your head like a rag doll all evening so make sure to book your Cold War Kids Tickets from us now!

About Cold War Kids

As the Kid Rock boys are back with their shouting vocals and jangling rock music get ready to listen out to their omnipresent single, “Something Is Not Right With Me.” The single like all the rest of their songs will sure have you interested in the band if you happen to be an indie rock fan. Bowling over fans and critics alike the band’s music will sure wrap you in the chain of entertainment and let you have a good time. Make way for these polished garage rockers are all set to dominate the stage yet again.
The four piece band includes, Matt Aveiro on drums, Nathan Willet as the vocalist. He is also a pianist and a guitarist. Next we have Matt Maust on bass guitar. Lastly on keyboards, piano and guitar we have the very talented, Jonnie Russel. The band forms in 2004 in none other than Jonnie Russels apartment in Fullerton. Soon the band thought of relocating and moved to Whittier, California, where they started off by recording their first demos. Their first EP was released in a year after surfacing in the world of music. The next two years passed very quickly for these rockers as they were busy touring and trotting the globe. It was in between these tours that the managed to release two more of their EP’s, Up in Rags, and With Our Wallets Full. Now the band thought it was time to release their debut LP as well called Robbers & Cowards.
The two year touring stopped when the band relocated again, this time to Long Beach, California. The band second album was called Loyalty to Loyalty where thy adapted a slightly different style than before. This album had more of narrative storytelling. The album also reflected a lot of political and philosophical ideas. Band member Nathan himself described the album as being a little darker compared to the first. The title of the album comes from a philosopher as well, Josiah Royce.
Their next musical venture was by the name of, Behave Yourself EP. As the decade was about to come to an end the band members all decided it was time to stop touring for a while and work on their third album, which drags you back in time where Cold War Kids produced music that was quick and fun. Ax major reason to buy tickets to Cold War Kids is to attune you’re a variety of music genres. These musicians muck around with poetic vocals blending in with bluesy dirges accompanied by loud hand claps. Songs like “Die, Die ,Die and “Don’t wana die in your arm, I  just wanna diiiie” all speak of their poetic and philosophical mind set.
Philosophy is not all that the band has to show off, as many of their songs have catchy hooks and profound lyrics, all accompanied with mournful undertones. Initially making their claim to fame through EP’s they later made a statement with their albums as well. Many music blogs and music press showered them with rave reviews for their first two albums, Robbers and Cowards and Loyalty to Loyalty. Tickets to their concerts sell out fast so in case you have an appetite for something different then book your deals of the Cold War Kids Tickets, before they all get devoured by music lovers out there!