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Out of all the rock bands playing in modern day music scene, some experiment with their sound in such a way that they stand out of the crowd, like Coheed and Cambria. Their uniqueness is appreciated in every song they sing, and you cannot resist listening to them again and again. Nyack, New York based American rock band Coheed and Cambria came into being in 1995. The group comprises of Claudio Sanchez, Travis Stever, Mic Todd and Chris Pennie while Nate Kelley and Josh Eppard have been with them in the past. Their music is broadly classified as Punk rock, metal, progressive rock, post-hardcore and emo. Sanchez and Stever were previously together in a band named Toxic Parents, but it disbanded and they formed Shabutie before reorganizing as Coheed and Cambria.

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According to Sanchez his band is influenced greatly by music of previous generation including Led Zepplin, The Police, Pink Floyd, Queen, The Lizzy and Misfits apart from Iron Maiden and At The Drive-in. The name of the band Coheed and Cambria is also derived from the movie The Army Wars, where Coheed and his wife Cambria play a leading role. The band has released five studio albums so far, and it is because of their popularity and widespread public recognition that they have received various awards including MTV Woodie Award, Metal Hammer Award and Kerrang Award. Coheed and Cambria Chicago Tickets provide music lovers with an opportunity to witness some of the most beautiful rock songs from the masters of this genre.