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The world is never full of music. There is always a need of more and more music. City and Colour is one such band which has added to the need of more music and has also fulfilled it. City and Colour is a band which is formed by Dallas Green, a famous singer and songwriter from Canada. The band is a recording alias of Dallas Green as he has stated that he did not feel comfortable putting his album under the name of Dallas Green. City and Colour which started out in 2004 is presently one of the most popular alternative country, folk music and acoustic music band. City and Colour tickets are a popular commodity whenever the concert is scheduled somewhere.

About City And Colour Tickets

Dallas Green had a great interest in music and started writing songs at a very early age. Dallas Green is also a member of the band “Alexisonfire” for which he plays guitar and is a vocalist and is accompanied by some indie rock musicians in his performances and music often. The name of his band City and Colour comes from his own name as in City from Dallas and Colour from Green. The musical influences of Green come from his moods as he has attributed his songs to when he is gloomy and when he is happy. Dallas Green states that he started the career of his band, City and Colour, by producing some songs and releasing them on the internet for people to download. Afterwards, he compiled more songs and released the first album of the band with the title, Sometimes. The full length version of the album came out in the year 2005 and was got positive reviews from the music critics.

After enjoying the success of his first album and performing live all over extensively, Greed released the second album of City and Colour in 2008 with the title, Bring Me Your Love. This new album was also successful because the musical style of this second album was different from his first album and was more towards the folk style. A lot of touring followed this album which make City and Colour a famous live performers. Another tour followed in 2010 while the band worked on their new album. The band is expected to come out with a bang again with their new album and it will be a treat for his fans. The band has also a live album titled, Live, which was released in 2007 under Dine Alone Records. The band also has released some EPs which are, The Death of Me, Missing EP, Live Session EP, The MySpace Transmissions, Live at the Verge and live at the Orange Lounge EP.

Though Dallas Green is the only band member of City and Colour but on concerts, some other members also accompany him. Including his occasional band members are Spencer Burton, Daniel Tavis Romano, Jordan Mitchell, Casey Baker, Nicholas Osczypko, Dylan Green, Scott Ramila, Haris Cehajic and Gordon Downie. Apart from being the lead vocal, Dallas Green also plays piano, harmonica, banjo and guitar. The band has been awarded numerous times for its valuable work in music and for introducing innovative music to the world. City and Colour won a Juno Award in 2009 and 2007 and MuchMusic Video Awards in 2006. The band has been nominated for MuchMusic Video Awards and Juno Awards.

City and Colour has also been regarded as amazing live performers. Their live concerts are what fans are always waiting for as their concerts are all fun, without a single dull moment. City and Colour tickets are a favorite of fans and they are always ready to pounce on the tickets whenever he the band is scheduled to play somewhere. Fans enjoy the live versions of his hit songs, “Save Your Sickness”, “Comin’ Home”, “Like Knives”, “waiting”, “Sleeping Sickness”, “The Girl” and “Boiled Frogs”. City and Colour has given a new meaning to music and is keeping up to their name with the high quality music they produce!

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