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Calexico is an alternative country band that was formed in the year 1996. Two members from the band John Convertino and Joey Burns performed for the first time in another band called Giant Sand. At first, they recorded an album titled Spoke under the banner of Hausmusik that was a German recording label. They released a limited amount of copies for their first album. After this release, they were known by the name of Spoke hence their debut compilation became their self-titled album. Later on, they signed another contract with the Quarterstick Records and at that time, they changed their name to Calexico. Since their advent in the mainstream music industry, they have been performing with a variety of other bands thereby making the whole ambience electrifying. This year Calexico will be sharing the stage with The Dodos. Therefore, cheap Calexico & The Dodos tickets will end your day in style.

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About Calexico The Dodos

Calexico released their second album titled The Black Night in the year 1998. It immediately won the appreciation of both the audience and the critics and people had mostly good things to say about this album. According to the Wall street Journal, it was one of the best albums of the year. Afterwards they started increasing their fan base by touring extensively and during the tours, they performed with bands like the Dirty Three, Pavement and Lambchop. Music played with other bands have given a boost to Calexico’s image and deals like Cheap Calexico & The Dodos tickets will not disappoint  you as these musicians will offer a great amount of entertainment to the audience. Calexico’s third album Hot Rail came to the limelight in 2000 that exhibited the inclusion of some more instruments like violin and horns.
The Dodos is an indie rock band from America. The original line up consists of Logan Kroeber and Meric Long. They started playing music for the first time in the year 2005. They were introduced to each other by a mutual friend and after their first meeting both of them instantly recognized the passion they shared for music. In 2006, they released their first album titled Beware of the Maniacs that was not released under any recording label. It was an independent album and they used the moniker Dodo Bird for it. They took the album on tours throughout 2007 in order to show the world what they were capable of creating. This proved to be extremely fruitful and won them a huge fan following. They became known as The Dodos so they decided to keep it as their official name. Events like Calexico & The Dodos are coming your way to make you understand what this genre is all about.
In 2007, they were offered a contract by Frenchkiss Records, which they immediately accepted. Under this label, they released their second album Visitor that came to the forefront in 2008. It proved to be a success and people appreciated their effort immensely.  Fools was the song from the album that became extremely popular with the masses and ended up becoming a part of an advertisement for Miller Chill.
Both the Calexico & The Dodos have made a place for themselves in the mainstream music industry. People belonging to all age groups enjoy their music and highly appreciate their efforts. If you have been waiting for a chance to indulge yourself in the thrill associated with rock music then here is your chance to treat yourself in the best possible way. Calexico & The Dodos tickets are in stores now. They will not only enable you to see for yourself the magic both these bands are known for creating on stage but will also make you feel the real excitement rock music entails.

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