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The alternative rock and college rock band Cake was formed in 1991. Based in Sacramento, the band comprises of five members, who are all musically gifted. Led by the singer and songwriter John McCrea, the members include bassist Gabe Nelson, guitarist Greg Brown, drummer Frank French and trumpeter Vince DiFiore. Cake's music has always been a fusion of different genres. Every member has his area of expertise and has contributed to the bands success. The blend of country, jazz, pop, funk and rap has become the signature style of this sensational band.

About Cake

Cake differentiates from other rock bands because of its unique lyrics. Penned by John McCrea, their songs include pop-culture references that are laced with humor and satire. The lead vocalist performs the tracks with bone-dry detachment, which simply adds to their appeal. McCrea is the backbone of the band, as besides writing and singing songs he adds support with his guitar and piano playing. The multitalented Frank French adds to the bands strength. His ability to play different instruments since the age of nine, allows Cake to produce diverse melodies. DiFiore is often included in the list of the best trumpeters. The mastery and the ease with which he plays the instrument are quite commendable. It's the talent of these musicians that has taken Cake to the position they are at now.

After the formation of this dynamic group, they released their first single, "Rock n` Roll Style" in 1993. Despite being a self-released track, it hiked on the music charts. Laced with sarcasm and irony, the song described the lifestyle of a rock music fan. After receiving a positive response from the alternative rock music fans, Cake released its debut album in 1994, titled "Motorcade of Generosity". The fusion of various elements, along with the soft humor made it a successful album. With the combination of broad range of sounds, be it funky rhythms, Latin twist or a touch of country, Cake showed that they are here to stay for a long time.

After working on their own for some time, the band associated itself with a label in 1994. In 1996 they released their second album, "Fashion Nugget" and it resulted in the bands first commercial success. The song, "The Distance" became a huge hit and became one of the most played tracks on the radio. McCrea's trademark lyrics, along with keyboards and funky beat made it a chart topper. Soon after its release, the track became a sporting event anthem and was played in different stadiums. "Frank Sinatra", "Daria" and "I Will Survive" are the other popular songs from the album that increased its sale up to 40 million.

The astounding artists released their third album, "Prolonging the Magic" in 1998. It had its roots in rock but also included some unusual twists. Their unique presentation style transformed sad and bitter melodies into comic novelties. The effective flips from rapping and rock to funky jazz made it a platinum album. The highlight of this record remains the number one song, "Never There". It featured funky rhythm along with a romantic trumpet solo that kept the song on the number one position for almost a month. "Prolonging the Magic" remains the most diverse album of the band. It includes everything from folk-pop songs like, "Satan Is My Motor" to waltzing country ballads, "Mexico". Some tracks show the band as rockers while others are somber and moody.

Known as the genre benders, Cake once again intertwined different musical styles in its fourth album, "Comfort Eagle". Heavy guitar riffs, country strands, rapping, trumpet wails as well as funky jazz are the essence of this album. It includes jazzy, pop dance numbers like, "Love You Madly" and "Short Skirt/Long Jacket". The monotone vocals fit well with the funk-rock, making it a critically acclaimed album. Cake's music always has a strong, rock edge to it. The artists never hesitate to experiment and the result is always marvelous. They have established themselves as one of the best rock bands and have received international recognition. These rock-stars have a huge fan-base and always perform in front of a sold-out crowd. Their compelling lyrics and catchy melodies thrill the audiences. To witness the rockers in live action, get your Cake Tickets now! Their energetic performance always gets the crowd on its feet.

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