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Cake appeared as a hot item in the downtown club and café scene for the alternative and indie rock music in the early nineties. The band’s music is a combination of multiple music genres including jazz, rap, soul funk and country. Its signature style of music has earned the band comparisons to the renowned King Missile and Soul Coughing.

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Cake’s songs are filled with pop culture references and ‘smirky’ satire delivered in mesmerizing vocals of John McCrea. It is this musical style of the band that has brought it into the limelight along with its versatility and experimentation with various genres. Nineties was an era termed as golden period of the music industry as it had a number of talented bands and music artists contributing to their respective musical genres with phenomenal music. Cake with its passion and determination survived the intense competition unlike other new comers during that era and today we see it all successful with platinum certified album releases.

Cake has headlined many festivals accompanying other talented bands of the music industry including The Flaming Lips and Modest House among a few others. The distorted guitar riffs, solo trumpet and the prominent use of moog have always attracted a huge audience for its live performances. The band after the release of its latest album Showroom of Compassion is ready to entertain the audience with all new songs live! Guys, Cake Troutdale Tickets are at present the hottest commodity. So rush off and get your share of ‘cake’ before the party is over!