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John McCrea, Vince DiFiore, Xan McCurdy, Gabe Nelson and Paulo Baldi started the band Cake as what seemed like a small project but which eventually turned into a hit. The band brought revolution in to the rock n roll music. This year, the Northern Lights in Clifton Park in New York will be beaming with joy as this extraordinary and fun-spreading band will be honoring the place with their live presence and a lot of music. This band came to the indie-rock music scene in 90s’ and took the audience by storm with their amazing and other-worldly music. There is an ironic touch to the band’s music which makes it quite intriguing and unique. A single tune coming from this band rocks the audience and blows their minds away, lest the whole song! 

About Cake New York Tickets Tickets

The band has released several music albums over their career including Pressure Chief, Comfort Eagle, Prolonging the Magic, fashion Nugget and Motorcade of generosity and many hit singles from these albums whose live versions make them all the more better. Even if you have not heard this band much, you would surely have listened to their singles in a lot of films and television series so you don’t need any other reason to attend their concert and you will witness that the band attracts quite a large audience, all craving for some Cake. Grab a couple of Cake New York Tickets to make your presence sure at the band’s concert when they come to New York.

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A:Cake Tickets once sold do not come under the responsibility of the company in case of lots, stolen or damaged tickets. You will have to buy new tickets.