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In case you are up for some authentic rock then we have a deal that’s tailor made for you. Live music is definitely fun especially when we have a band like the Brokencyde. For a truly amazing experience carve out some long lasting memories with your favorite musicians and book your Brokencyde tickets from us as soon as possible! This American crunkcore band is a hot favorite among many which is why there tickets sell out fast, so make sure to book your deals just in time. Rooted in Albuquerque, New Mexico they have managed spreading their fan following everywhere. If you happen to be one of their many fans then grab yourself a deal and get ready to dazzle with them all night long!

About Brokencyde Tickets

Brokencyde is a quartette consisting of Anthony Trujillo, Steven Gallegos, Julian McClellan and Michael Shea. The founding members of the band were vocalists Mikl and Se7en. Both of them were friends froM High School. The name of the band is derived from the idea which is self describing meaning that their music is broken from inside, all as a result of personal relationship problems. The band gained recocnition after heavy promotion over the internet. It was through this promotion technique that the band caught attention of current members Phat J and Antz who came to know of the Brokencyde and showed interest in joining them.
Forming in 2006 their sound is best described as incorporating elements of screamo with hip hop. Their latest work however has a crunk feeling to it as well. Managed by the Artery Foundation at the moment they are doing quite well for themselves. The Artery Foundation is the team behind many other successful and popular bands such as the Devil Wears Prada and Alesana.
Before starting off with their musical career they all decided to create their profile on the social networking site, Myspace. After a year or so they finally decided to upload some of their tunes on the profile and when they did so they received warm appreciation from everywhere. Many of their fans requested their songs from their onwards on MTV’s Total Request Live in 2008 performing the single, FreaXXX on the section, Under the Radar. They also released their BC13 EP in November that year.
All through 2008 and the following year the Broken Cyde toured with bands such as the, The Morning Of, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Breath Carolina and Karate High School. Their first fullm  length release I’m Not a Fan, But the Kids Like It, came out in 2009. Landing on # 86 on the Billboard 200, the Brokencyde became the object of desire for touring companies. As a result of whi9ch they were also featured on the Warped tour 2009.
In 2010, they released two songs which could be downloaded free of any charges. These songs could easily be downloaded from their MySpace account. A cover for the song “Sexy Bitch” by David Guetta and “I’m The Shizzit” both did very well. In the summer of 2010 Brokencyde toured again this time the companion was Jeffree Star. The tour was called 2 DRUNK 2 FUCK. Their latest work, Will Never Die is out now so grab your copy of the album now! In total they have two albums to their credit, Will Never Die and I’m Not a Fan, But the Kids Like It.
Critics might not hold a good opinion about them but their fans know what it’s like to be there at their live concert. The Metal Edge magazine have labeled them as “fucking Horrendous” where as the Thrash Magazine has called them “a mockery to the world of music” nonetheless these dare devils have never taken any of those obnoxious remarks to heart and have always brought forth something which is meaningful to their fans. If you happen to be among that lot then make sure to click on your deals of the Brokencyde tickets and get ready for some head banging!