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Let’s hear it for the Omaha’s folk coming our way in Bright Eyes’ style. The quivery vocals of Connor Oberst, the masterly played trumpets and the pianos of Nate Walcott along with Mike Mogis’ acoustic guitar playing invites you on an intimate indie folk experience. Bright Eyes have been performing since 1995 and have contributed in evolving the indie music scene, especially in bringing forward the Omaha’s sound of music. The band was created by Oberst, in the motivation of writing his own lyrics while playing a significant role in a couple of other bands.  Bright Eyes is a band with strong influences of Omaha’s folk but is not limited to folk only. In its songs you do hear alternative rock, indie rock and even electronica.

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Bright Eyes made their debut with the album, “A Collection of Songs Written and Recorded”.  The band has overall released eleven studio albums along with number of EPs and singles. Some of the most popular albums of the band include Cassadaga, Digital Ash in a Digital Urn, I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning and Lifted or The Story Is in the Soil as well as Keep Your Ear to the Ground.

Bright Eyes most recent album is The People's Key released on Feb, 2011. The album is centered on Indie rock and features interesting songs like Firewall, Shell Games, Jejune Stars, Approximate Sunlight, Haile Selassie, A Machine Spiritual, Triple Spiral, Beginner's Mind, Ladder Song and One For You, One For Me. The band is now on a tour all across the US and also coming to Chicago and you can catch them performing live with your Bright Eyes Chicago Tickets.

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