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Here's what you need to know about Breaking Benjamin's recent Billboard-topper Dark Before Dawn

The enormously talented hard-rock group from Pennsylvania, Breaking Benjamin is a force to reckon with in the world of rock music. The band continues its ascension in the entertainment industry scoring numerous hits on the Billboard and performing fabulously at live concerts. Credited with five studio albums, the rock act attracted a lot of buzz online after the release of their latest album, Dark Before Dawn. As the band's upcoming tour approaches, lets have a look at how their latest album fared.

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Smashing the charts

The latest album took the music world by surprise when it rocked the Billboard charts at first place. It was a huge occasion for Breaking Benjamin as they posted their first number one hit on the Billboard 200. The album also spawned two hit singles “Failure” and “Angels Fall” that ranked among the top twenty on the Rock Songs chart. 

Achieving record sales

Dark Before Dawn posted an astounding sales tally within its debut week achieving record sales of 135,000. Its one of the largest sales for a rock album in its debut week and the best sales week ever for these hard rockers as well. 

Making a comeback

Its the band's first effort since their reformation and the success of the album has proven that this hard rock act's talents or fame have not diminished one bit despite their hiatus. The album shows their mastery over the genre and doesn't stray too far off from their patent sound. Considering the success of the album, Breaking Benjamin University Park tickets are expected to generate heavy sales as the group sets out on tour with fellow hard rockers Shinedown.