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Comedy and satire being his forte, Bo Burnham amuses his audience with his unmatched sense of humor and at the same time makes you wonder how beautifully this young boy embeds humor, wit and satire in his musical performances. Catch him live this season as he is soon hitting the stage for his fans.

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About Bo Burnham


Born on August 21, 1990, Robert Bo Burnham is a famous comedian, actor, songwriter, singer and an internet celebrity. His parents, Patricia and Scott, lived in Massachusetts where his father owned a North shore construction company while his mother was a staff nurse at a local school. Bo has two elder brothers, Pete and Samm. The talent that he exhibits is there in him from his early childhood, and even at the age of three he used to perform skits at home in his so-called Bo Shows. Comedy has always been his passion, and he use to listen to bold American Comedians like George Carlyn and Richard Pryor in his adolescence.


He took his initial education at the St. John’s Preparatory school at Danvers Massachusetts. The talent that he had could not go unnoticed. He was involved in theatre and campus ministry programs at school and graduated in spring 2008 with his name in the school’s roll of honor. After graduation Bo Burnham got admission in New York University Tisch School of arts. His passion for his in born talent was so intense that he even delayed his university by one year, and focused on his media career.


Bo Burnham’s internet career started in 2006 when, while he was rehearsing a play along with his friends, he started writing songs about teenage issues. He recorded two of his songs and uploaded them to the video sharing website, YouTube. The purpose was to let his brother Pete watch them, but to his surprise, the songs were later copied to and the number of visitors to his video page multiplied suddenly by 111 times. This also encouraged him a lot and he started taking songwriting more seriously. The songs were usually accompanied by music on guitar or electric piano. Initially, the songs written and performed by him were mostly recorded in his bedroom, or somewhere at or near his family house at Massachusetts. He used to put the camera on a stack of books and without changing the angle or expression, the whole song was recorded.


Being satirical about his own young age, Bo used terms like Internet Pedophiles to his audience at times. Similarly, he referred to the talent agent Douglas Edley as an advanced internet predator. Douglas Edley, the talent agent from The Gersh Company who approached and signed him in 2007, also represents many other successful and popular comedians. It was this meeting with Edley that brought Bo into the lime light and made him popular for his GOD gifted talent.


His first show as a professional comedian was The World Stands Up in January 2008 for comedy central in London. It was aired in June 2008. After this performance he was signed for comedy central for a 4 record deal. His first extended play album was released by the comedy central record with the name The Bo Fo Sho, which contained 6 songs. It was released in June 17, 2008, while his first full album with the name Bo Burnham was released in March 10, 2009.


Bo Burnham has performed in the United Stated and Canada, as well as in London. His US shows include YouTube Live in San Francisco, Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York City, and Cobb’s Comedy Club. His performances have been acknowledged throughout the world, and he has won many prizes including the Edinburgh Comedy Award Panel Prize worth GBP 5000 for his performance Words, Words, Words at the 2010’s Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival.


Like any other star, Bo Burnham’s journey to success has not been a piece of cake. He had to face many controversies during his career, including a protest by Westminster College students against his concert there, who believed that his songs were offensive and showed his negative attitude towards the homosexuals and the black population. Similarly, he has also been labeled by some people as an artist who mocks the handicapped. Fortunately, these controversies were not serious enough to cause significant damage to his fame or career.


Bo Burnham Tickets are undoubtedly a source to witness this amazing young comedian play with words in his own satirical way. Even the most experienced comedians do not have the ability to amuse the audience and at the same time convey their message in such a naturally convenient way.

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