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The famous New York based rock band, Bleachers is ready to hit your town for a live show. The band was created while Jack Antonoff was touring to promote his band Fun's, Grammy nominated album, ”Some Nights”. What has earned this band most name perhaps is their emotional and slick pop music sound; this mix has heavily been taken from the tunes of the 80s as well as from John Hughes’ high school based movies. The band hit jackpot with their debut track I Wanna Get Better that became their first number one single. With the band members geared up for their upcoming shows, their fans have already started booking Bleachers tickets to see them live. 

About Bleachers Tickets

Entry into the Music Scene

Bleachers marked their entry into the music world in 2014 and were created by the Fun (the band) guitarist Jack Antonoff. The talented songwriter, singer and guitarist received popularity with the band Fun and is often credited as the co-writer of one of the band's most successful tunes, We Are Young. Antonoff has also written songs for heavyweights like Christina Perri and Taylor SwiftHis initial projects with the band remained unknown until the release of their debut single I Wanna Get Better. 

Strange Desire

Bleacher's first full-length studio album “Strange Desire” was released in July 2014 with RCA Records. The song Rollercoaster from the album was hailed by Variance Magazine as a “brilliant summer anthem”. Overall, the album gained the band countless fans and rave reviews from the critics. As a guitarist of Fun, Antonoff created a sound that brought a unique kind of grandeur to their dark emo records. And that's exactly what Bleacher’s die-hard fans dig in their music. With this album the band went even deeper into their eighties synth-rock influences, juggling different feelings and hooks and finally coming up with an impeccable record.

As is evident by the album name, Bleachers nostalgically touches upon their high school experiences. In songs like Shadow, they talk about “girls waiting by the phone” with the classic imagery of a high school film and its songs like these which attract a large teenage audience to their tunes. Most of the songs clobber the audience with optimism along with a catchy chorus which is just enough to get the listeners’ attention. Singles such as You're Still a Mystery are a testament to the fine pop songwriting skills of the band members. 

Throughout the album Antonoff changes his tone, delivery and voice to make it seem like there are many main vocalists; especially in anthemic tunes like Dancing in the Dark.  In other numbers also like Wake Me, vocalist Antonoff makes a strong case as a frontman. All in all, the entire album is a must hear and has got millions of people across the world raving. 

Live Shows

The Bleachers are known for rocking the arenas everywhere they go and their energetic performance always stir up the crowd. What's most spectacular about their live shows is that the band members appeal to all generations; their concerts are not only filled with 20 somethingers but also with older folks all of whom yearn to hear the band perform live. Another aspect of their live performances which is worth laudable is the ability of the members to change the entire aura of the arena to fit with their music. With their upcoming shows just around the corner, Bleachers tickets are running out quickly. Book your tickets now to groove to the band’s beats.