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The incredible American singer and guitarist, Black Francis is going to set the stage on fire in Alexandria. He is the front man of the popular band Pixies and has been credited for composing a large collection of powerful alternative music. His stage name, Black Francis resounds in the world of progressive music even though the man detached himself from the band and built a solo career for himself. To watch the talented singer live in concert, get your Black Francis Alexandria tickets now.

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About Black Francis Alexandria Tickets

He has a number of hit singles to his credit with Pixies, such as ‘Debaser’ and ‘Where is My Mind?’. The man perfected surf rock and now his solo project as Frank Black is a remarkable shift from his previous style. His new alter-ego has a number of songs and covers to its credit. He has also ventured successfully into the alternative music market with his new band called Frank Black and the Catholics.

He has played with a number of tabooed themes in his lyrics such as incest, surrealism and biblical violence which have made his personality quite controversial along the years. Not to mention, legends such as Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain and Radiohead’s Thom Yorke have admitted to trying to rip off Pixies and Black Francis. The man has been an inspiration for rock fans for years and will appear in front of you to rock your world. To meet Black Francis’ multiple alter-egos, get your cheap Black Francis Alexandria tickets now.