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It’s been almost a decade when the sludge and heavy metal sensations Big Business first showed the world their immense potential. Since then they have gone on to give the genre a new lease of life by taking it to the masses through a very unique style of music that has now become their hallmark. If you want hard hitting music at its best then grab the cheap Big Business tickets available and catch this amazing due live.

About Big Business

This amazing group hails from Seattle and takes its inspiration from the city’s grunge music of the 1980’s and 1990’s. That was the time when Seattle was the hub of everything great about music and every aspiring musician wanted to be a part of that. The style of music coming out was a bit like punk but was still not punk enough to be bracketed in that particular category. The aggressive, hard hitting, adrenaline pumping and sometimes offensive sound was labeled grunge. It started from the underground and soon took over as a major force that captivated millions everywhere. Big Brothers are a throwback, a tribute to those years since they are one of the very few artists on the scene right now that have kept their music as close to the original Seattle grunge sound as possible.
Big Business was formed when Coady Willis and Jared Warren decided to team up. Both had been part of other bands before the embarked on their new adventure. Coady is a fantastic drummer who had been a member of bands like the Murder City Devils, Dead Low Tide and Broadcast Oblivion. On the other hand Jarred is by profession and skill an amazing bassist who had honed his skills as a member of groups like The Whip, Tight Bros from Way Back When and Karp. When these two gifted performers got together they took a different route from the rest. They started off without having a guitarist in the line-up.
Their first release was a self-titled EP that came out in the year 2004. They followed that up by releasing their first full debut album titled Head for the Shallows in 2005. The album received positive feedback from fans and critics which paved the way for them to continue recording and playing together.  Coady and Jared wanted to take their music to a much bigger audience so the decided to re-locate to the world’s entertainment capital, Los Angeles in 2006. Shortly afterwards they became members of another iconic band The Melvins. That move introduced them to a whole different level of excellence which in turn help Big Business no end.
They went on a tour with The Melvins to play as members of the group and a whole segment as the Big Business.  Their second album was titled Here Comes the Waterworks and it hit the music stores in the year 2007. It turned out to be a bigger hit than its predecessor and got rave reviews from a lot of prominent critics. Allmusic and Jam! both gave it three and a half stars out of five. Pitchfork Media rated it 7.9 out of ten. Toshi Kasai was then brought onboard as the guitarist on 9th March, 2008 to complete the line-up. Their first album as threesome was titled Mind the Drift and it hit the headlines on 14th April, 2009. The album just like previous two earned a lot of favorable responses from the critics. Decibel gave it eight points out of ten. Rock Sound gave it eight stars and The A.V. Club went and rated it as B.
The success Big Business has earned in less than a decade has put them at the head of the queue when it comes to sludge and metal music. Their music and talents are there for everyone to see. The fact they have kept the original Seattle grunge sound going successfully is a real credit to these wonderful performers. So fans grab your Big Business tickets and experience the power of grunge music like never before.