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Ben Harper is a singer, a songwriter and a musician. He plays a wide variety of music including soul, folk rock and blues music. He is particularly well known for his skills in playing the guitar, his live performances, strong vocals and committed activism. The success of his albums spans across several continents including Europe and North America. He has won the Grammy Award twice in the categories of ‘Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album’ and ‘Best Pop Instrumental Performance’. 

About Ben Harper

Ben Harper was born in Claremont. His father had African American ancestry while his mother was Jewish. His parents got divorced when he was five years old and he was raised by his mother. Harper’s interest in music developed at an early age. He started playing the guitar when he was really young and he played his first ever gig at the age of twelve. He began playing the slide guitar in his teen years and copied Robert Johnson’s style. Once he had mastered that, he moved on to playing the Weissenborn slide guitar. Later, he got an offer by Taj Mahal to go on tour with him. Harper agreed to the invitation and went on tour with him to Hawaii.
He recorded his album ‘Pleasure and Pain’ in 1992 with Tom Freund. After this, he was signed on to Virgin Records who released his debut album in 1994 titled ‘Welcome to the Cruel World’. The next album was released the following year, titled ‘Fight For Your Mind’. The album was a huge success and included many songs that Harper still sings in his performances up till today. Harper met up with Jack Johnson in 1999; Johnson’s career had not started yet. After listening to his songs, Harper sent a recording of them to his producer. Johnson recorded his first album with Harper’s producer.
At the start of his career in music, Ben Harper got much attention in Australia. He has frequently commented that his career started off in Australia. At this time, his name was known in the United States but in countries like France, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland and New Zealand, he was a real star. The Rolling Stones magazine in France declared him ‘Artist of the Year’ and his tour in Australia was incredibly successful. Get your Ben Harper tickets and find out why his popularity is so high in these European countries!
Harper took part in the Vote For Change 2004 concert that took place. The concert was organized in order to encourage people to cast their votes during the presidential elections. He also sang the song ‘Oppression’ and contributed it to the album, ‘For The Lady’. This was an album compiled for Aung San Suu Kyi, a pro-democracy Burmese advocate, who was put in jail. Harper’s album ‘Both Sides of the Gun’ were released in 2006 and peaked at number 7 on the charts. He and his wife made an appearance in a 2006 film called Inland Empire.
Harper is a part of the group which protests against any development in nuclear power. They recorded a music video in 2007 for the song ‘For What It’s worth’. Harper worked in collaboration with Vanessa da Mata, and the song that they produced peaked at number one in Portugal and Brazil. The song also won an award in 2008 in Brazil.  Cheap Ben Harper tickets are now being sold; for anyone who has not yet seen this musician up on stage, this is a great opportunity to avail.
Ben Harper founded a band in 2010 titled Fistful of Mercy. The band released their record in 2010 titled ‘As I Call You Down’. Also, it was announced on his official website in 2011, that his album ‘Give Till It’s Gone’ was released. Buy your Ben Harper tickets and get the chance to witness this world renowned figure perform all his new and old songs for his fans. The experience is sure to be one that is unforgettable.