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For over two decades Ben Harper has been travelling the road of versatile folk music, while Charlie Musselwhite has been a harmonica legend. Both of them have come together to bring the audiences a set of ten great tracks in the album Get Up!

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About Ben Harper Charlie Musselwhite Toronto Tickets

Get Up! brings out the best of this deadly combo of Harper and Charlie. It is a product of team work at its best. With every track Harper takes on a dark journey of his guitar skills while Musselwhite adds subtlety by transforming Harper’s aggressive music into melodious tracks. The album is Harper’s journey to confide his deep dark emotions in Musselwhite. Charlie lays the perfect comfort zone for Harper to open free and fly high.

The combination of blues with folk music makes it an enjoyable album for all music lovers. A gratifying range of dynamics is promised by the album. Addition of Charlie Musselwhite adds a phenomenal vibe to the music and songs. It lifts up every track. Tracks like “We Can’t End This Way” take the album to another level all together. There is no way one won’t love their music.

Ben Harper Charlie Musselwhite music is a treat for the ears. No one can turn away from it. Every song illustrates the strong tie between the two legends. Grab Ben Harper Charlie Musselwhite tickets now and join the force to witness the strong connection of the two stars. You can make the most of cheap Ben Harper Charlie Musselwhite tickets available as well. If you’re ready for Ben Harper Charlie Musselwhite then GET UP! NOW!