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Dubbed by the music experts as the next Bob Dylan, Beck Hansen is one of the most critically acclaimed music artists in recent times. His surreal style of lyric writing is one of the prime reasons for his comparisons with the legendary musician. However unlike Dylan, Beck’s palette extends far beyond folk and rock thereby encompassing elements of blues, country, hip hop and other genres of music. Beck tickets for his upcoming series of summer concerts are now available and in high demand.

About Beck

The artist was born into a musically strong family. His father David Campbell was a bluegrass musician who wrote several string arrangements for top bands including the very famous Aerosmith. A former actress and member of an LA based music band, Beck’s mother too had a solid association with the performing arts. While growing up with his mother and brother in LA, Beck grew increasingly fond of and influenced by the city’s buzzing music scene and his mother’s work of art which eventually came to be reflected in his own future endeavors.

During his late teens, Beck relocated to the New York City to take part in the East Village music movement that presented distinctive and unique folk sounds produced with punk sensibilities. Upon his return to LA, the singer started performing at coffee shops and parties alongside other underground music acts like Ethyl Meatplow and That Dog. During this time, he was approached by an independent record label’s owner Tom Rothrock along whom Beck’s causal recording jam sessions led to the production of the famous hit single ‘Loser’. Hence the single was released by Tom’s company called Bongload Records. The single received immense radio play across LA and offers from the music industry began pouring in for the future music star.

Beck then signed on to DGC Records to release his debut label album ‘Mellow Records’. Professionally marketed and promoted, its single ‘Loser’ earned a much larger fan base. The song ranked amongst the top ten on the single charts. The critically acclaimed record sold five hundred thousand copies and was placed thirteenth on the music charts, Released within the same year (1994) was ‘One foot in the grave’, an album which aptly depicted Beck’s maturing sense of focus and song writing skills. However it was with the record ‘Odelay’ that the musician again made an impression on the charts and received encouraging nods from the critics. The platinum album earned positive reviews by renowned publications like Rolling Stone and Village Voice. It also won Beck two prestigious Grammys in the Best Rock Male Performance category for the single ‘Where it’s at’ and also the Best Alternative Music Performance for the album. Over the next two years, Beck toured extensively with his band, DJ and horn section thereby establishing his reputation as a confident and entertaining live performer.
His next couple of records ‘Mutations’ and ‘Midnite Vultures’ received reasonable commercial and critical success. But it was with the 2002 release of the album ‘Sea Change’ that Beck arrived on the top of music charts back again. Consisting entirely of acoustic ballads, the collection presented a paradigm shift in the musical style of the American artist. According to some, this change to a more serious toned Beck was the result of his recently experienced heartbreak following the breakup with his long time girlfriend. His next record ‘Guero’ recaptured Beck’s fun persona by reuniting him in the studio with the Dust brothers with whom he had previously recorded ‘Odeley’. The album produced a bunch of upbeat hook-laden mixes found in singles like ‘Girl’ and ‘E-Pro’. The collection tends to remind the catchy beats of ‘Mutations; and ‘Odeley’ but with a smart edge and a fresh sense of appeal.
After releasing the ‘quasi-hip’ album ‘The Information’ in 2006 and the alternate rock ‘Modern Guilt’ in 2008, Beck came up with the unique collection of sheet music in the form of his latest record ‘Song Reader’. On this album, Beck aims to revive the glorious days of the piano playing art. With a total of twenty tracks, ‘Song Reader’ contains no recordings but white paper notes of music handsomely packaged in a blue hardback cover. If you want to watch the multitalented musician’s various skills and talents in action on stage, then get your cheap Beck tickets and brace yourselves for some captivating and surprising acts by the versatile artist.