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Beach House is in town; don’t let their summery, breezy name fool you because unlike their name, the music they create is not beach pop at all.  It is rather dark and dynamic with dream-like quality to hypnotize people. They are indie rock band catapulting to the newer heights of indie music since their beginning in 2004. In the past years, they have earned an admiration nationwide for their gentle, bittersweet music. Their songs are generally classified as Indie rock, Dream pop, Baroque pop, Lo-fi and Shoegaze. Their music is defined by the distinctive haunting vocals and atmospheric rhythms. Their musical inspiration comes from contemporary musical bands like The Zombies, Grizzly Bear and Big Star. The artists like Brian Wilson, Chris Bell, Francoise Hardy and Neil Young have also influenced their music.

About Beach House

The band constituting of Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand brings forward an interesting pool of talent based on their diverse roots. Alex Scally, being the Baltimore native, has brooding, ethereal music to add which perfectly complements the Nico-like vocals of Legrand. Victoria Legrand, originally from France, gives a unique character to the lyrics with her intoxicating hushed voice. She is also related to the legendary music composer Michel Legrand and singer Christiane Legrand.  Coming from such an illustrious musical family automatically upped the stakes for her however she did a fantastic job by standing out of the crowd. The Beach House duo made their debut in Baltimore with a single “Apple Orchard”. This single was released by Pitchfork media in their mix tape during 2005.

They made themselves noted with the very first release and beguiled the critics with their languid yet brilliant song craft.  Their song “Apple Orchard” was lauded in the indie music circles for its unusual kindliness and magnetism.  The eerie mood that hangs over the entire song was charming in its own way. Encouraged by the raving success of the song, they came up with their self titled debut album by the Car Park producers. In the album they seem like the witch doctors of Indie world speaking fondly about their lives. The songs of the album are simple yet maintain the whackadoo air. The intricately crafted musical arrangements put the simplicity of the album to the front. Some of their enchanting tunes are, Saltwater, Master of None, Lovelier Girl, Auburn and Ivory, Tokyo Witch, Heart and Lungs House on the hill and Childhood. The album has been branded as the one of the most mystical indie pop surprises by All music. The debut album has given them the much deserved success and has been among the list of Pitchfork's Best Albums 2006.

Beach House sophomore album Devotion was released in 2008 and they outdid their own former success. The music of the album has the same haunting, lonely, dark feel. The album talks about a deserted and desolated Beach House with no grey mornings.  The velvety vocals of Victoria waltzing around the closely crafted smooth tunes made this album strikingly noticeable. The songs like Gila, Astronaut, Turtle Island, Heart of Chambers, Darling, Home Again and Holy Dances reveal layers after layers of emotions. These songs are bent towards the darker parameters but still have warmth in them. The album has again been among the bests for Pitchfork. Their single “Used to Be” has also been released in the same year. To add to their success has been the Queen’s cover “Play the game” followed by “Two Weeks” and “Slow Life”. Victoria lent her vocals for the song ‘Slow Life’, which is a collaborative work with Grizzly Bear for the Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Beach House has recently come up with their album, ‘Teen Dream’ which is a perfect display of their dynamic and intense side. It is a Sub Pop release, unanimously making its way to the mainstream commercial success.  The album has their signature dark songs with compelling heat. The tunes like Zebra, Norway, Real Love, Silver Soul, Better Times and Take Care are a reminder of what makes Beach House special. They are now touring in selected areas of the US and to get lucky get your Beach House tickets now!

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