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No matter what songwriter and singer Ari Hest is doing in his hectic day to day life, there is always a soundtrack playing in his mind. He claims that it is this blessing which has helped him become the musician that he is today. Focusing on the quality of his delivery, Ari has released an astonishing thirteen albums since the release of his debut EP titled Incomplete. Six of these albums were self-released through his very own independent music label, Project 4 Records. Writing all of his own songs and in many of them playing all instruments himself, Ari's creativity and music prowess ensures that his name is one that you will never forget. He is now on tour promoting the release of his latest album The Fire Plays. So make sure to get your Ari Hest tickets today.

About Ari Hest

Ari Hest carries a wide range of talents which aren't limited to songwriting and singing. He plays guitar, percussion, keyboards and harmonica. Apart from his music abilities he also has the know-how to start his own independent label and release albums, selling an amazing twenty thousand albums after the release of his first three albums. He has sported a few different styles of music throughout his career which most closely resembles rock and pop, as well as acoustic. His latest album is said to mix amazing electric guitar sounds with a '70s pop music feel which leaves little doubt that Ari is more than willing to explore and find not only what he is best at but what his adoring fans want of him. His lyrics are said to be inspired by his own life experiences which gives his music a very personal feel.

Born in Manhattan and raised in the Bronx, Ari Hest began learning music at a very young age. He took piano lessons and then proceeded to teach himself how to play the guitar by ear to some of his most favorite songs. His father wrote songs for television commercials back in the day and Ari was given the chance to sing for some of them. It's easy to see that Ari's early start in the world of music paved the way for his music-related success later on in life. Purchase cheap Ari Hest tickets to enjoy an unforgettable evening of excellent music, all without emptying your wallet.

Ari's music has been featured on multiple television shows, including One Tree Hill and Private Practice. Although his music isn't mainstream, yet he has received quite some attention for his music, even as an indie artist. Fans who see him in concert rave about how incredible and real he is, a musician for the common person. The rich, meaningful lyrics he uses in his songs allow others to easily identify with him and even relate to the experiences and feelings which he magically describes through his music. He is highly recommended by those who have heard his heartfelt melodies.

Ari Hest has made countless appearances on radio and television. He has toured in many countries all over the world, touching the hearts of audiences wherever he goes. In 2008, Ari initiated a project titled 52 where he composed and recorded a song every week for a year. People who subscribed to this project were greatly impressed by songs and so his album by the same name became a hit. He released four more albums afterwards, two of which were released through his own label. He has made appearances in promotional albums and soundtracks including The Lincoln Lawyer and Winter Break: The Movie soundtracks. Adding to his list of talents, he produced the soundtrack for an independent film titled Dreamriders which went on to win multiple independent film awards.

If you like artists who showcase real talent and have a charismatic personality, you're going to love independent musician Ari Hest. See why people all over the world are raving about him. The Boston Globe described him as, "A prolific songwriter and a captivating live performer." Never before has music been this moving and personal. Buy Ari Hest tickets today to secure your seats at the show of a lifetime!