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Archers of Loaf is a well known American band that plays indie rock and well-known for its perfection in this particular genre. Originating from Chapel Hill in North Carolina, this band now enjoys a massive fan base among indie rock lovers across the USA. The band was formed back in 1990 and has toured all over the US and released around four different studio albums, numerous EPs, compilations and various singles alongside a live album. Archers of Loaf was originally formed by Eric Bachmann, as the singer and guitarist, Eric Johnson, as the guitarist, Matt Gentling, as the bassist, and Mark Price, as the drummer. The band played music for most of the 90s. The band released its first single back in 1992 and the single was titled as Wrong. It was released or rather freely distributed with the first issue of the magazine, Stay Free! This single was tremendously successfully so much so that the band was signed onto the label, Alias Records through which the band released its single, Web in Front.

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In 2011, Archers of Loaf was back in the world of alternative rock and began performing at various venues as part of a special tour that begun with a January performance at the Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro in North Carolina. Archers of Loaf are also set to perform at various venues in various places and in festivals such as the Sasquatch Festival, giving fans yet another chance to see one of the best alt rock bands of the 90s live, courtesy of Archers of Loaf Atlanta tickets provided that you book your deals on time!