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Arch Enemy, the Swedish band known for its distinguished melodic death metal beat, has made the wild genre very popular in the world. The band's members have valuable past experience of working with bands like Carnage, Armageddon, Carcass, Mercyful Fate, and Spiritual Beggars etc. Over the past few years, Arch Enemy has become a prominent band in the world of death metal. Band's current member are Daniel Erlandsson, Christopher Amott, Sharlee D'Angelo, Michael Amott and of course Angela Gossow.

About Arch Enemy

Their unique grave yelling sound, with loud electric rhythm guitar, harmonic bass and drums always stands out. This shimmering blaze charges up the audience and the high voltage blue sparks shoot off the ceiling. Arch Enemy represents the any angry youth and their songs give them a kick start in the morning. The lead Lady Angela Gossow, with her pretty and tender looks and personality as hot as an active volcano, turns on fans with her energetic and wild moves. Watching the stylish band members comfortably lost in their work is a total pleasure.

The band was formed in 1996 by Michael Amott and Johan Liiva. They both had been together in the death metal band Carnage, and knew the correct ingredients required for forming a successful band. Arch Enemy released their debut album Black Earth in 1996. All the songs of this album were written by Michael Amott. The album received much success in Sweden and Japan. After the release of their first album, the band took some time to release their 2nd album. The much awaited album 'Stigmata' was released in 1998 worldwide. The brand conscious Arch Enemy's fans in different countries welcomed them warmly.

Arch Enemy released Burning Bridges in 1999, followed by Burning Japan Live 1999. The popularity of this album made the band members realize that their fans like melody better than the death metal alone. Michael Amott, one of the pioneers of the band, constantly evaluates band's performance. And on the basis of this evaluation, Johan Liiva was made to quit in 2000. Angela Gossow replaced him and added her much needed feminine feral in the band. The hyperactive lead vocalist with over pouring gothic energy suits best with rest of the band members.

The members of Arch Enemy are experts of their fields. Michael Amott is good at playing guitar, bass and writing the lyrics. Sharlee D'Angelo is the boss of bass; Daniel Erlandsson is an expert drummer while one of the most famous death metal growlers, Angela Gossow makes Arch Enemy unrivaled in their genre. Their kickass lyrics and sparkling blue performance is appreciated the most in live concerts. Arch Enemy Tickets will open the gates of the dark death metal world to you. Attend their live, in fact very live gigs and you may be able to read between the lines and decode the Arch Enemy phenomenon. If you are not exposed to the world of death metal music, then Arch Enemy band has everything to get you into it.