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The band Arcade Fire is holding a concert at Barclays Center in the City of New York’s, Brooklyn County on Long Island. The band includes a group of classmates who were friends, and a couple who are based in Montreal. The band excels in the genres of indie rock, and was formed in the year 2001.Not only do they excel in music; they are able to play most of the instruments. It can be the piano or the harp, the cello or the French horn or the xylophone and the keyboard. All the members of the band are competent enough to exchange roles wherever they perform.

About Arcade Fire Tickets


The Arcade Fire band is the effort of Win Butler and Josh Deu, which began from Philips Exeter Academy and reached maturity when they were at McGill University Canada. It is here they met Regine Chassagne who was studying music and joined them. She soon became Win Butler’s wife and took the bands activities forward with other members who joined it. The other band members are Sarah Neufeld, Tim Kingsbury, Jeremy Gara, Richard Reed Perry, William Butler. Branden Reed and  Dane Mills worked with them  initially.


Arcade Fire band became famous when they released their first album Funeral in 2004.This album has won many awards. In the year 2011 the album won Grammy‘s Album of the Year Award, being the only band to have received their first award in this category. It appeared on the Top Ten list for the year 2004, and 2005. Funeral attained gold status in both Canada and England in 2005, and became Merge Records label’s first on the Billboard 200 Charts. The title Funeral was influenced by deaths of the band member’s closed ones. It featured songs like In the Backseat , Haiti, and Une Annee Sans Lumiere.

The recording sessions of their next album Neon Bible started while they were setting up their recording studio in an old forgotten Church in Farnham southeast of Montreal, in the year 2006.During the same year they released the first track of this album Intervention on iTunes in December. The proceeds went to the charity Partners in Health. In 2007, this album was released in the UK and North America. It premiered on the Canadian Album Charts, and the Irish Album Charts on number one. It reached number two on the US Billboard Top 200 charts. Black Mirror was the first proper single to reach number one on CBC Radio 3’s R3- 30 chart for five weeks in April of 2007.


Arcade Fire released yet another famous album in the year 2010 by the name of Suburbs, through Merge Records. This album is produced by Marcus Dravs and Marcus Paquin. The music builds up in a slow upward movement like William Drake’s poetry in Songs of Innocence and of Experience. The album Reflektor was released by Arcade Fire in late 2013 and is another addition to their repertoire. Arcade Fire has continued to give audiences number of amazing songs over the years. The live performance by the band always draws huge crowds. To enjoy the band live get Arcade Fire tickets for a memorable time.


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