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Hailing from Florida, the alternative rock band Anberlin appeared on the music scene in 2002. The five-member band includes the singer Stephen Christian, guitarist Joseph Milligan and Christian McAlhaney, bassist Deon Rexroat as well as the protege drummer Nate Young. In 1998 some of the band members operated under the name, "SaGoh 24/7 and released two albums. Following a mediocre response from the audiences they disbanded in 2001. After being separated for a year, they came together once again and re-entered the music industry, this time as Anberlin. The band's music is a fusion of rock, punk and emo, which gives a rock 'n' roll feel to their songs.

About Anberlin

Anberlin has cited several bands and solo artists as their inspiration. If Jeff Buckley rekindled their passion for the art, then it was Bono who taught them to produce meaningful music. Musicians like Mick Jagger, Robert Smith, Morrissey and the Beatles; all have influenced their style and helped them become better artists. The band gives great importance to lyrics and its one of the reasons that makes them different from other rock bands. Their songs rises above the typical rock n` roll themes and are inspired by the works of literary writers. The songwriter Stephen Christian is an ardent reader and gets his ideas from classics as well as humor books.

Immediately after their formation, Anberlin signed with the record label Tooth and Nail. In 2003 the band came up with their debut album, "Blueprints for the Black Market". Though the album didn't do as well as expected, it brought out the band's talent on surface. It charmed the rock music fans and their incessant choruses as well as shredding guitar lines also earned them critical acclaim. Followed by that, in 2005 they released their second album, "Never Take Friendship Personal". The title as well as some of the tracks was inspired by the departure of their guitarist, Joey Bruce. The album was well accepted by the audiences as it boasted sharper production and quality songs.

2007 brought with it their third studio album, "Cities". It appeared among the top twenty songs on the Billboard Charts and earned Anberlin their first commercial success. The members effectively explored the pop genre and experimented with the different instruments. The band has shown great maturity in this album and it shines as a remarkable release. The vocals and the music complement each other, as Christian has brought variation in every song. He has beautifully molded his voice for emotional songs, bringing richness and depth in them. For energetic songs he has raised the pitch and the vocals appear powerful. Each member has shown progressions in their skills, be it Young's drumming or Milligan's tasteful guitar lead. Anberlin has shown solid musicianship to create an album that is catchy, touching, groovy and emotional, all at the same time. After signing with the Universal Republic Records, the band released "New Surrender" in 2008.

Labeled as one of their best work, the album debuted at the number fifth spot on the Billboard Modern Rock Charts. With more pop-friendly, melodic rock tracks, it earned rave reviews from the critics and took the fans by storm. The album produced hit tracks like, "Feel Good Drag" and "The Resistance". Anberlin continued their trend of opening the record with hard-hitting numbers and closing it with classic, epics songs. As a follower of band's music, the audiences would find advancement in lyrics as well as in the instrumental techniques. "New Surrender" placed Anberlin on the list of the rising modern rock music bands.

The sensational rock-band once again hit jackpot with their latest album released in 2010. "Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place" appeared in the top ten on the Billboard 200 and produced outstanding tracks like, "Impossible". The album features Anberlin's variation of styles and showcases the band's musical journey from hard-edged rock band to alternative rock hit-makers. Their inclination towards Blues is evident in this record as it includes some classic acoustic ballads.

The band follows every release with a tour and till date has entertained the fans worldwide. Anberlin has accredited the time spent on road as a major factor for their constant evolvement. The people they meet, the experiences and the exposure has enhanced their musical skills. The band is known for its energetic and intoxicating performances. Their up-beat numbers bring the crowd on their feet and create a terrific ambience. Get your Anberlin Tickets now and treat yourself to a rocking night!

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