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Catch Circa Survive and Anberlin live in concert as they rock it out on stage. The two bands will be hosting a concert together for all their fans and will treat them with a great night to remember. Anberlin Circa Survive tickets are available and in high demand by all the eager fans.

About Anberlin Circa Survive Tickets

Circa Survive is a Philadelphia based band that creates music in the indie rock, progressive rock and alternative rock genres. The band was formed by Anthony Green and Colin Frangicetto in 2004. Both musicians were looking for an outlet to express their passion for msuic and did not want to be bound by any label or band that did not fit in with their expression. They felt that they needed a more open platform where they could think and perform out of the box and break the musical conventions the society had created. Turning their dreams in reality, they formed Circa Survive and have never had the need to look back. The band proved to be a success and amazed the music enthusiasts with its edgy sound and a distinctive feel to its songs.

Circa Survive’s first album came out in 2005 and was named “Juturna.” The album was a unique collection of songs, made more prominent because of the distinct vocals given by Anthony Green. The album’s songs were dark and gloomy, but that did not mean that they did not hold any attraction for the music lovers. The fans loved Juturna for the pure honesty that was shown in the songs. According to critics, one of the best qualities about the album was that Circa Survive did not add unnatural embellishments to it and the album managed to give a realistic picture of the band’s thoughts and emotions.

“Blue Sky Noise” was the third album released by Circa Survive. The album was composed of angst and emotional songs, which reached out to the listeners. The songs were made more effective by the powerful vocals delivered by the lead singer. The album was a commercial success and pleased the fans greatly. For the upcoming concert by, fans are hopeful that they get to listen to all the hit songs by the band and are eager to get their hands on cheap Anberlin Circa Survive tickets.

Anberlin is another famous rock band that was formed after various other musical projects were abandoned by the band members. At present the band is composed of five members: Stephen Christian, who has been the lead vocalist of the band since its inception, Deon Rexroat, Joseph Milligan, Nathan Young and Christian McAlhaney. Anberlin’s music has always been praised by the critics to be positive in thoughts and feelings and always leaves an encouraging effect on its listeners. The band, while playing in the field of the typical emo pop/rock combination that is all the rage these days, still manages to make its sound mature.

Anberlin’s first album was titled “Blueprints for the Black Market” and was released 2003. The songs of the album were arranged meticulously so that they listeners could focus on the particular sounds the band had passionately created. The album was a pleasant reminder of the songs created by Cutting Crew, Tool and The Cure. Overall “Blueprints for the Black Market” was a wonderful effort as a debut album by Anberlin.

The latest album by Anberlin “Vital” has a far different sound than the band’s signature music. The album is a heavier, metal sound with electronic pop infused in many songs. “Vital” was once again a brilliant compilation of music by the band.

So rock fans, get your hands on Anberlin Circa Survive tickets fast and be ready to rock out with two popular bands at the live show. 

How often do your two favorite American rock bands perform together? Are you a die hard rock fan? Are you one of the people waiting in lines to get hold of rock concert tickets? If yes! You are in for the time of your life! Circa Survive and Anberlin are coming to your city for a brilliant performance! Grab Anberlin Circa Survive tickets immediately to be a part of this rocking event. If you have a limited budget, you can avail the opportunity to buy cheap Anberlin Circa Survive tickets. Anberlin from Winter Haven, Florida and Circa Survive from Philadelphia will surely enchant you all with their amazing performance!

Anberlin was formed in 2002 and ever since then it gained numerous fans all over America. The band members, Stephen Christian, Christian McAlhaney, Joseph Milligram, Nathan Young and Deon Rexroat are sure to captivate the audience with their outstanding talents. The band was initially named SaGoh 24/7. However; it soon disbanded when the members realized a change in their music directions and aspirations.

The band's first album, 'Blueprints for the Black Market' immediately appealed to a lot of rock fans and later their second album, 'Never take friendship personal' too became increasingly famous. Their third album, 'Cities' proved to be the biggest breakthrough in their career as it reached the top twenty of Billboard 200 and sold approximately 34,000 copies merely in its first week.

After an experience of five years with Tooth and Nail Records and three studio albums, they signed a contract with the 'Universal Republic' in August 2007. The first album of the band after the signing was released in 2008 and was titled, 'New Surrender'. Albums like 'Cities' reached the top 200 Billboard chart at position number 13. The very first single, 'Feel Good Grad' came on number one position on the Alternative Songs chart! With such successful songs already under their belt, this band is on its way to even greater success!

Meanwhile, the other band which will mesmerize you with their performance, Circa Survive, was formed in 2004. Although their first album, 'Juturna' was not so well received, their second album 'On letting Go' that was released in May 2007, met an immense amount of critical acclaim and so did their third album. This band is known because of their addition of humor and props to their live concerts. Anthony Green, for example, has been witnessed wearing dresses in various occasions! In summer 2006, on their Twilight Army Tour, the band hurled fluorescent beach balls at the viewers. Whereas in their Letting Go tour they set a silent film projected above the band! So brace yourselves because this band might surprise you all again!

Circa Survive consists of Anthony Green who was a singer of Saosin and some members of the bands “Taken” and “This day forward”. The band has toured on numerous occasions which include national tours throughout the US. They have even toured with famous bands such as My Chemical Romance and Thrice. In the company of such talented bands, the group has surely learned quite a few things about live performances. Circa Survive, moreover was also a part of “The Bamboozle” festival from 2005 to 2011, except for 2009.

They even opened for My Chemical Romance in their 2007 events in Worcester as well as Australian and New Zealand Shows. Furthermore, the band was also part of the Rockstar Alternative Press where they played live in front of a huge audience. With so much experience in performing live shows, it’s certain that the band has a great time to offer all of you!

Although Circa Survive is not as well acclaimed a band as Anberlin, the combination of the two bands is definitely enough to get you going. Anberlin with their excellent skills in music and Circa Survive, with their eccentric style of performance will surely appeal to all the rock lovers.

What could be better than an event with amazing performances and fabulous music by two of the most celebrated rock bands. Get ready for a lot of heavy music. But first, get ready to purchase your Anberlin Circa Survive tickets.

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