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Alpha Rev Tickets

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About Alpha Rev

The seven member band has gained immense popularity ever since it first came in the rock music scene. Its music immediately appealed vast numbers of people and very soon the band became one of the most adored rock bands. Not only is the band famous for their excellent songs but also for their live performances. They truly make the audience roll with the sound of their music and the energy that they bring on stage. This vigor is radiated automatically to the crowd who just can’t have enough of this band.

The band was started by Casey McPherson after the break up on Endochine. Brian Batch as well as Dave Wiley, who had experience in playing strings live with Endochine later, joined Casey.  This band then grew even more 2005 when Casey was in the process of composing more music and needed more musicians. This need for new musicians led him to contact some of his old acquaintances which eventually led to this seven member band. It turns out that not only are the band members professionally cordial, but close friends. This friendship reflects in their live shows and interviews where there coordination is impeccable.

Like the meaning of the band name Alpha Rev, “the beginning of something new” the band certainly bought with it a new edge to rock ‘n’ roll music. With their sheer talent with the instruments and their skills are writing relatable and wonderful music, it certainly brought freshness to rock music.

Their first record, “The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Learned” was released in March of 2007. In a short span of time, the album gained popularity amongst countless rock music lovers and later the band signed a contract with the label, Austin startup Flyer Records. This allowed the record to be created by Dwight Baker of Matchbox Studios, and eventually the rights were even bought by Hollywood Records!  Their first major deal was signed with the Hollywood Records in 2008. Their album, “New Morning” reached number three on the radio charts.

Over their brief time in the music industry, the rock band has earned many loyal fans and also many awards and recognitions for their wonderful music. Their song, “Colder Months” was awarded the Sonicbids 2007 Snocap, also known as the American Songwriter contest. Casey was even featured in the American Songwriter Magazine and was recognized as one of the most talented upcoming songwriters.

2009 and 2010 were good years for the band as Casey McPherson was invited to perform at the annual Jeff Bucklet tribute in Chicago in November 2007. In the same year, Alpha Rev was also featured in the Austin Music Awards during SXSW and was recognized as one of the best performing rock bands in Austin.

A lot of their songs have been used in countless TV shows and other events. Alpha Rev’s song “Phoenix Burn” played in a promotional advertisement for season three of the hit TV Show, Greek. The song had millions of Greek fans ‘goggling’ the artists of the song.

With so many hit singles under their belt, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that this band will surely treat you with a wonderful night of music. So if you are a fan of rock ‘n’ roll and you want to rock to the beats of this band’s most popular songs, then be a part of this event by purchasing Alpha Revs tickets! Tell all your friends about this show.

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