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The Oscar nominee for her song ‘Save Me’, Aimee Mann is one of the most recognized rock and folk artist of the music industry. Starting off with her career in the early eighties, it has been more than two decades since she’s been contributing with hit singles and selling out small venues with her brilliant live performances. Her eighth studio album has finally found its way out of the studios and is already being termed as a ‘sunny turn’ for her. Find out how pleasantly different do the singles of this album sound in her upcoming concert. For that get your Aimee Mann tickets right away.

About Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann grew up in Virginia and with an interest in music, went to Berklee College of Music in Boston. Impatient to put all her learning to practice, she dropped out of the college and joined a punk band, The Young Snakes. With her efforts, it soon released an EP, ‘Bark Along with the Young Snakes’ in the early eighties and was confident enough to start off with a band of her own. Together with her classmate, Michael Hausman, she formed a new group, ‘Til Tuesday’ which earned her instant success with singles such as Voices Carry and many others. This was just the beginning; the album offered a number of other tracks that rocketed up the Top Music Charts soon after the release. The list is highlighted by Time Stand Still, Force Ten and Welcome Home to name a few. Not neglecting the importance of visuals along with outstanding music, Aimee Mann conceived splendid video of her first hit ‘Voices Carry’ and got an MTV Best Video Award in the category of ‘The Best New Artist’. This was the first milestone in her career. Since the lyrics of her songs were inspired by the random instances in her life, people actually got a chance to know the celebrity in person through her music. She suffered a setback in her career due to the growing differences with other members and she decided to go solo.
Her first solo album ‘Whatever’ made reasonably good sales and was appreciated by the critics from around the world. This was followed by another release ‘I’m with Stupid’, and once again was received with a positive response. She continued to produce studio albums one after the other, but the artist got a career push in the early 2000s with the song ‘Save Me’ for the movie Magnolia. It received widespread appreciation from people around the globe and got Mann nominated for an Academy Award as well. Apart from this, she has contributed with amazing soundtracks for a number of movies and television shows such as Cruel Intentions, Sliding Doors, Melrose Place and many others.
Aimee Mann is considered to be one artist that has survived through the tough competition of two musical eras with other competent musicians. It is through her experimentations and change in musical tunes that she has been able to keep up with her image and maintain her identity in the industry. Her acoustic tours have a history of drawing a large number of audiences from all over the world. Finding cheap Aimee Mann tickets close to her concerts is really hard since her tours are mostly sold out. People who have heard the artist performing live before are of the view that her concerts are a full on entertaining experience. The sound of live guitar playing gels superbly with her vocals, making the purchase of tickets totally worth it.
Recently after the launch of her brand new album, the artist is all set for another live performance. Aimee Mann tickets are available since the time the concert dates were announced. People have already started to line up for the purchase. So don’t delay it any further and grab yours as early as possible!

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