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Currently rising up in its fame and fan following nationwide, AER brings an entirely new flavor of acoustic pop, reggae and indie rock music infused with the strong elements of rap music. Formed back in 2011, the group hails from Wayland, MA and comprises of two group members, Carter Schultz and David Von Mering. Even though the group officially formed in 2011, but they had been working together with each other way before that.

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AER initially came with its first mix tape called Water On the Moon in late 2010 which was then followed by The Reach, another mix tape, which came out the following year in mid of 2011. Also in the same year, they ended up releasing an EP called What You Need on iTunes in October. What You Need turned out to be a major accomplishment for the group as the E.P managed to peak at the #1 spot on the iTunes Hip Hop Charts. This kind of success made way for them to be able to score an East Coast tour on which the group performed along with Ballyhoo! This also marked the first time AER tickets went on sale for the group’s first ever headlining tour of the Midwest. Following the conclusion of the concert tour, the duo then started working on its debut studio album.  
The summer of 2012 brought great new fortunes for the band as the group ended up taking the stage on Bamboozle where AER was among other acts like Iggy Azalea, Action Bronson, and ASAP Rocky. Following its Bamboozle performance the group then took its act to thirty seven more cities in which it performed in various venues across the Southwest and West Coast along with the OCD: Moosh & Twist. Also in the year 2012, the group finally came up with its debut full length studio album called The Bright Side which took the iTunes Album Chart by storm and peaked at the #1 spot. Not just that, The Bright Side also secured a place on Billboard Hot 100. Following the success of its debut album, the group then decided to go on a concert tour in support of its album called The Bright Side Tour. As the cheap AER tickets started rolling out soon after the announcement of the tour, the group hit various venues all across the forty eight cities in North America. With all these accomplishments and growing popularity, the group still has a lot more to offer to its fans nationwide.
The group’s 2012 studio release, The Bright Side really brought a new tinge of maturity and experimentation in the overall sound of the group’s music. The Bright Side really features group’s refined version of its rhyming, song-writing and composition. AER’s music is all about lifting the spirits of its listeners up with its own brand of hip hop sound with some topping of reggae music that goes supreme when the listeners at the concert are in the party mode.
The group’s album The Bright Side has it all, from bouncy beat of the first track Go and a smooth transition to a much more mellow sound which sets it with the second track from the album called Floats My Boat. The third track on the album called Few Times keeps a slight line between being an all-out hip hop song by having some elements of reggae toasting.  And as for the song Like the Way it seems to be a fun and feel good song for both the group and the listeners. The album includes a total of ten tracks, with the remaining ones being Song Bird, It’s a New Day, If You Want, Kush in My Pockets, Medina (Remastered) and last but not the least, On the Low.

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