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The Canadian born musician, AC Newman has enthralled millions with his heartfelt songs and magical music. The singer and songwriter has been producing music for over three decades. Initially a part of several indie bands such as "Zumpano" and the "Superconductor", Newman ventured into solo career in 2004. He continues to lead the critically acclaimed rock band "The New Pornographers". The artist has released three successful solo albums including "Shut Down The Streets" (2012), "Get Guilty" (2009), and "The Slow Wonder" (2004). With The New Pornographers, Newman has produced five studio albums including "Together" (2010), "Challengers" (2007), "Twin Cinema" (2005), "Electric Version" (2003) and "Mass Romantic" (2000). Apart from singing Newman is also a multi-instrumentalist, specializing in harmonica, Wurlitzer, piano, percussion, mandolin, guitar and bass guitar. He currently works with the Matador Label. Over the years, Newman has established a wide base of followers not only as the lead singer of The New Pornographers but also as a solo artist. His work has inspired many indie bands and artists. Newman continues to spread his magic all over the globe. By acquiring AC Newman tickets, the fans and audience can witness the talented artist first hand, as he delivers another breathtaking live performance.

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About AC Newman

Born in 1968 as Allan Carl Newman, the artist entered the music scene during the nineties when he joined the pop/grunge band Superconductor. In 1992, he left the Superconductor to join another Canadian based rock group Zumpano. Apart from Newman, the rock group comprised of ''Jason Zumpano', 'Stefan Niemann' and 'Michael Ledwidge'.  With Zumpano, Newman released two studio albums "Goin' Through Changes" (1996) and "Look What the Rookie Did" (1995). The album managed to garner favorable reviews but failed to keep the band together, leading to an unofficial breakup. In 2000, Newman founded the renowned rock group The New Pornographers. The Vancouver based band has released five studio albums. It currently comprises of 'Blaine Thurier', 'Toddy Fancey', 'Kurt Dahle', 'John Collins', 'Kathryn Calder' and 'Dan Bejar'. The band's debut album "Mass Romantic" was released in 2000. The album was an instant hit amongst the audience especially critics. It garnered a score of eighty-seven on hundred from Metacritic. The album was ranked as the twenty-fourth "Best Indie Album of All Time" by 'Blender' in 2007. The band's sophomore album "Electric Version" was also a critic's favorite. Released in 2003, the album charted on the Billboard 200 chart as well as peaked at number seven on the 'Village Voice Pazz & Jop' Poll. In 2009, Rolling Stone enlisted the album as one of the "100 Best Albums of the Decade".
In 2004, Newman released his debut solo album "The Slow Wonder". Already well reputed as a musician and songwriter, Newman's solo album instantly garnered favorable reviews from music critics and industry veterans. Metacritic rated the album high with a score of eighty on hundred. It consisted of hit songs such as 'The Town Halo', 'Come Crash', 'Better Than Most' and 'Miracle Drug'. The song 'On The Table' was also featured on the popular TV series "The O.C". Newman's second solo album "Get Guilty" was released in 2009 to favorable reviews. Newman collaborated with several artists for the album such as "Nicole Atkins", "Mates of State" and "Jon Wurster". The forty-two minute album produced songs such as 'The Collected Works', 'Young Atlantis', 'Elemental', 'The Palace at 4 Am', 'Thunderbolts', 'Like A Hitman, Like A Dancer' and the 'Heartbreak Rides'.  The track 'Prophets' was also featured in the TV series 'How I Met Your Mother'. Newman's most recent studio album "Shut Down The Streets" was released in October 2012. Since then the artist has been touring all over North America to promote his latest offerings. His ardent fans are on a lookout for cheap AC Newman tickets this season.
AC Newman continues to woo the audiences and music fans all over the globe. He is renowned for his live performance that leaves the crowd asking for more. The artist will be embracing the US stages this season to charm another audience. If you like enjoying a rocking night out with friends and family, then get your hands on the AC Newman tickets for a riveting musical ride.

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