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Hailed as one of the 'loudest bands' in the scene, A Place To Bury Strangers (APTBS) have been praised for reviving the noise rock genre of the eighties. The band has embarked on several national and international tours, captivating and enthralling thousands of fans since its formation. Apart from charming the metal lovers, the American band has managed to garner critical acclaim for their music. Their 'atmospheric wall' induced amalgamation of heavy music offers a fresh sound to the ardent fans of the genre. Apart from experimental rock, post punk and noise rock the band also focuses on space rock, shoegaze and psychedelic rock. Currently APTBS comprises of "Robi Gonzalez" on drums, "Dion Lunadon" on bass guitar and "Olivier Ackerman" on lead vocals and guitar. With a music career spanning over a decade, the band has gone through several changes in the lineup. Musicians and artists like "David Goffan", "Justin Avery", "Tim Gregorio", "Jason Weilmeister" and "Jonathan Smith" have all been a part of the band. With the release of their latest album "Worship", the band is expected to embrace the stages all over the country once again. If you are an avid fan of noise music and love to shout your heart out then quickly grab A Place To Bury Strangers tickets.

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About A Place To Bury Strangers

Initially formed in 2001, APTBS was a brainchild of "David Goffan". After a couple of years and some changes in the band's lineup, APTBS performed live on stage for the first time in 2003. Musicians such as "Jono Mofo" and "Jay Space" joined the lineup and the band started to focus on producing original quality music. APTBS released three EPs in 2006 that were later titled as 'Green', 'Blue' and 'Red'. After some successful live acts and performances, the group started gaining popularity as one of the loudest bands in the music circuit. In 2007, APTBS released their eponymous debut studio album that garnered appreciation and praises from critics. The album consisted of hit songs such as 'Sunbeam', 'Half Awake', 'Never Going Down', 'She Dies', 'Breathe', 'Another Step Away', 'The Falling Sun', 'To Fix The Gash In Your Head', 'My Weakness' and 'Run Around'. Allmusic gave the album a rating of four stars. There sophomore album "Exploding Head" was released in 2009. The album was again well received by fans and music critics with a four star ratings from Tiny Mix Tapes and Allmusic. The album contained songs such as 'Keep Slipping Away', 'Deadbeat', 'Lost Feeling', 'In Your Heart', 'Smile When You Smile' and 'It's Nothing'.
Over the years, APTBS have shared the stage with several popular bands and artists including "Jesus And Mary Chain", "Brian Jonestown Massacre" and "Black Rebel Motorcycle Club". The band has also opened for "MGMT", "The Big Pink" and "Nine Inch Nails". Apart from swaying the US audience, APTBS managed to woo the European crowd during their 2008 tour. The band has played at several prestigious music festivals including "Siren Music Festival", "Seaport Music Festival" and "Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival". In 2010, APTBS also rocked the audience at South America's largest rock festival, "Rock al Parque". The band's third studio album "Worship" was released in 2012. The forty-minute album comprised of songs such as 'Leaving Tomorrow', 'And I'm Up', 'Why I Can't Cry Anymore', 'Mind Control', 'You Are the One' and 'Alone'. After their latest studio release "Worship", the band is gearing up for another rocking tour all over the nation. The fans are already trying to get their hands on cheap A Place To Bury Strangers tickets.
Dubbed as the "most ear-shattering loud garage band" by "Washington Post", A Place To Bury Strangers continues to deliver power packed live show with extreme energy and dynamism. The band is renowned for reviving the noise genre and has produced critically acclaimed music albums, inspiring numerous budding noise bands. This season, the group is expected to allure masses from around the world. In order to witness the band members deliver another mirror shattering live performance, the audience can grab A Place To Bury Strangers tickets and indulge in a memorable musical journey with friends. 

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