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3oh!3 is an amazing band from Boulder, Colorado which produces pop rock, alternative hip hop and electro pop music. The band has a unique name and is formed by two brothers, Nathaniel Motte and Sean Foreman. Sean is the songwriter while Nathaniel produces music and the collaborated work of both have made heads turn to their music. The band members have chosen the name for the band from the area code of the duo's place in Boulder, Colorado. The duo started their career in 2004 and promoted their music on the international social networking website, MySpace, while their first studio album came out in 2007 and was an instant success among the already hugely numbered fans. The album was self-titled and did considerably good business. In no time, 3oh!3 tickets became popular all around. The band kicked a good start and is highly potential to carry its success to the zenith through their exceptional music.

About 3OH3 Tickets

After the release of their first album, the talent of this duo was recognized by the record producer Matt Galle who took the boys to Beltsville, Maryland and signed the recording deal with them. That's where 3oh!3 got their big break. 2008 was a lucky year for them as their hard work paid off when their first single from the new album topped the charts and sold more than 2 million copies. "Don't trust me" topped the charts and that was the reason that the band was nominated in the category of Best New Artist at the Music Video Awards 2009 along with other famous artists and bands like Lady Gaga, Drake and Kid Cudi. The band was also nominated in 2009 at the MTV's Woodies Performers, once again along with the big names in the music industry like Animal Collective, Phoenix and Green Day.

3oh!3 has also made several appearances on television, much to the joy of their fans. The duo appeared once with fellow pop star Ke$ha and a number of times on Live Call with Carson Daly and Jimmy Kimmel Live. "My First Kiss" is the song by 3oh!3 which featured Ke$ha and it topped the charts and sold huge amount of copies all around the world. The song is from the third album of the band which is titled, Streets of Gold. As expected, the album was a lucky charm for the boys and they shot up in the music charts because of this album. The album features hit singles like, "love 2012", "I can do anything", "electroshock", "double vision", "I know how to say" and "my first kiss". The popularity of their newest album has made the duo hit the roads again and fans always wait impatiently for the live performance of 3oh!3.

3oh!3 is bringing all the fun and so much more in their brand new tour which is not something to be missed. The band has a natural ability to be excellent live performers. They capture their audience with their amazing live music and their stage appearance in itself is no less fun. The tickets for the shows sell out completely wherever the duo performs. 3oh!3 has performed in many big countries and has attracted huge crowds and they are a regular at the famous music festivals like warped Tour, Leads Tour and Reading Tour. Grab your friends along and rush to buy 3oh!3 tickets today as the tickets are selling out like hot cakes. This could be your time to sway to the catchy beats of this electric band with all the cheering fans so get your tickets soon.

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