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Planet Earth has been dubbed as the third rock from the sun. The rock band 3 Doors Down seems to be its musical counterpart in the musical universe. 3 Doors Down has been hurling rock ditties and edgy ballads since its formation in the mid-nineties. Moreover, its first hit was titled after the fictional rock Kryptonite, the home planet of Superman. Though coming into existence a decade after 3 Doors Down, the rock band Daughtry started hovering in the upper echelons of the rock realm right of its debut album. Led by the namesake frontman Chris Daughtry, it has been stamping out platinum selling musical fare left right and center. So you can only imagine what an explosive combination these two rock sensations would make if they were to combine forces. Well latch onto some 3 Doors Down Daughtry tickets for a rocking revelation.

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About 3 Doors Down Daughtry

3 Doors Down may hail from the backwater town of Escatawpa in Mississippi but they have sure made it big in across the globe with their world class post-grunge music. Though being raised in religiously devout households, the founding members of 3 Doors down, namely vocalist and drummer Brad Arnold, bass player Tod Harrell and guitarist Matt Roberts were lured by the so-called "devil's music" aka rock & roll during their formative years and they came together in 1994 to form a garage band. After coming to the attention of Republic Records towards the end of the nineties, the band released their debut album The Better Life at the turn of the millennium.
The studio repertoire of 3 Doors Down consists entirely of top-ten records including a pair of chart-toppers. Additionally, they have charted six top-40 singles on Billboard's Hot 100, with four going #1 on the US Mainstream Rock songs chart. Their debut album The Better Life peaked at the 7th spot on the Billboard 200 and even went top-ten in Canada, eventually being certified 6-times platinum. The track "Kryptonite" was a smashing success and became the band's highest charting song to date, peaking at the 3rd spot on Billboard's Hot 100. The following record Away From the Sun continued their interstellar musical journey and also became a multiplatinum, top-ten offering. The successive Seventeen Days and the eponymous 3 Doors Down both shot straight to the top of Billboard 200 and spawned the hits singles "Let Me Go" and "It's Not My Time". Their latest album Time of My Life released in 2011 also knocked on the "doors" of success by peaking at the 3rd spot on Billboard 200 and going top-ten in several major markets across the globe. The 3 Doors Down Daughtry event will let you have the "time of your life" so don't miss out.
Winning isn't everything and nobody attest for this adage than Chris Daughtry. Although he came in fourth on American Idol Season 5, he has become one of the hottest acts around and certainly the biggest rock star to have been spawned by the American Idol franchise. Hailing from Roanke Rapids in North Carolina, he played the guitar throughout his teens and opened for the likes of Matt Jagger even before making it big in American Idol. Post American Idol, he has released three top-ten studio albums, with both his first two records going number 1 and his self-titled debut offering being stamped 4 times platinum and is the fastest selling debut album from a rock act ever. His signature hits "It's Not Over" and "Home" topped the US Adult singles chart and went top-ten on Billboard's Hot 100, with the latter also clocking over 2 million digital downloads.  Daughtry has also clinched 15 major awards including five AMAs that entailed and has also notched four Grammy nominations. Your cheap 3 Doors Down Daughtry tickets will enable you to be drenched by their titanic tunes.
Both bands have toured extensively throughout their respective careers, with 3 Doors Down having been part of the "Gang of Outlaws" tour alongside ZZ Top and Gretchen Wilson. Daughtry has undertaken an exhaustive touring schedule all across the world ever since their formation in 2007 and has opened for the likes of Nickelback, Bon Jovi and Puddle of Mud. They have headlined two tours of their own in 2010 and 2012. So book some 3 Doors Down Daughtry tickets to break the locks on the doors of your perception and let the renegades in to rock your soul.

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