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The Cain Park located in Cleveland is playing host to the Doo Wops. Fans can get to watch the seventies ensemble get together to present hits by some of the greatest artists as Cain Park celebrates its seventy fifth anniversary. Besides, Doo Wops, The show is also expected feature the music artist, Norm N. Hence, fans are advised to buy cheap the Doo Wops tickets immediately, as they are now up for sale.

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About The Doo Wops

The event is expected to take place at the Evans Amphitheater that is located in Cleveland Heights. Constructed back in the thirties, the park is operated and owned by the city. Apart from providing open space, the park also has an amphitheater that was constructed back in 1938. Originally named the Civic Theater of Allied Arts, the facility was constructed with the help of Dr. Dina Rees Evans. Evans wanted to educate the community of Cleveland with the help of dramatic transformations that could only be brought forth with drama.
The venue’s construction was completed with the aid of local philanthropists and soon it began providing top notch entertainment to the people of Cleveland. During the forties, the venue became a one of its kind theater in America, offering the grandest outdoor entertainment. It was in the eighties that the Evans Amphitheater became one of the most popular cultural hubs of the city. This was because of its diverse entertainment offerings. In 1985 the amphitheater was awarded the “Park Development Award” and two years later the theater received the “Governor’s Award for the Arts.”
In 1989, the state of the art facility underwent a five million dollar renovation. This renovation garnered an Achievement Award in Architecture awarded by Northern Ohio Live. With a seating capacity of twelve hundred, the amphitheater underwent another renovation process in 2002. It continues to pleasantly surprise audiences with unique shows. This time the Evans Amphitheater is playing host to the Doo Wops show, a concert that has become an annual tradition. Grab the Doo Wops tickets now as the seats for the event are limited.
The Doo Wops is an ensemble that was established by Carl Seid in 1971. He is popularly known as Budgy. Budgy came together with friends who were enrolled into the Cleveland Heights High School to create a group that went on to become one of the  most sought after music ensembles of Cleveland. The members are still going strong as they present annual shows at the Cain Park. The band is expected to present a bunch of their most popular hits and will also recreate songs by some of the greatest legends of the music industry. Some of these artists include Dion and the Belmonts, Jerry Lee Lewis, the Five Saints, the Del Vikings, the Marcels, the Platters, Bobby Darrin, Elvis Presley, the Coasters, The Drifters and several others.
The Doo Wops will bring forth its original lineup that played from 1971 till 1979 before going on a hiatus for twenty years. The band was seen reuniting in 2009 for a tribute show that took place at Cain Park. The tribute show was held in honor of William Thomas and foresaw the beginning of a tradition in which the band made its way back to the park each year since. Fans of the original ensemble can enjoy some of their favorite hits being played live just a few feet away from them. The event will also feature a number of other renowned music personalities. To become a part of this exciting music spectacle, all you need to do is grab hold of the Doo Wops tickets without any further ado.

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