Superstars of Motown tickets are selling fast as fans eagerly wait to listen to songs by the four great music artists. Get your tickets soon and be a part of the tribute paid to Superstars of Motown.


Superstars Of Motown Tickets

North Shore Music Theater is ready to present Superstars of Motown. The show will feature some of the greatest music hits from the past. Superstars of Motown tickets are available at discounted rates for all those interested to attend a splendid music night.

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About Superstars Of Motown

The Superstars of Motown event aims to recreate performances by famous music artists for the pleasure of the audience. The show features performances by lookalikes of Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and James Brown. The finalist for America’s Got Talent, Pete Peterkin will be playing the part of all four famous musicians and will entertain the crowd with the playback of their all time favorite songs.

Ray Charles was born as Ray Charles Robinson and took his stage name when he entered the music industry. Born in a humble and impoverished family he was used to hard work since a young age. His parents were upright individuals, who put all their efforts in earning an honest day’s living. It was at the age of five that Ray Charles started to lose his eye sight and went completely blind by the age of seven. However, he did not let his disability deter him and focused on being trained in music. He expressed an interest in jazz and blues during his training and soon mastered these genres as well and made them his specialty when he entered the music industry professionally. Ray Charles, after signing his professional music deal instantly became a sensation in the music industry. His talent and skill was thought to be unparalleled and he gave his fans many hit numbers and won numerous prestigious awards.

James Brown is another singer whose songs you can listen to if you buy cheap Superstars of Motown tickets. James Brown was an exceptional musician and recording artist. He had a major role in the music scene of the twentieth century and was one of the musicians who discovered the funk music genre. His dance moves are still remembered to this date, as he brought special energy and vitality on the stage with him whenever he went live. Known as the “Godfather of Soul” James Brown ruled the music industry for around six decades and played a vitally influential role in the development of many other music genres. James Brown started his musical career when he sang in a Gospel in Georgia. He gained public attention with his ballads “Please, Please, Please” and “Try Me.” After that his career shot o the heavens and he never had a reason to look back. He worked hard on his music and gained the reputation of a dedicated and energetic live performer. In the 1960’s he moved slightly away from the blues and gospel style music and adopted a more Africanized approach to music, that later resulted in the birth of the funk musical genre.

Superstars of Motown event will feature performance of songs of another great artist: Marvin Gaye, famous for his influence on the R&B genre and its subgenres. He gave hits like “How Sweet It Is’ and “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”. He won Grammy Awards for his spectacular albums “Sexual Healings” and “Midnight Love.”

The name Michael Jackson is known to and loved by people of all ages. Michael Jackson has ruled the hearts of his fans for many decades now and his amazing music and popular dance moves are just what the Superstars of Motown event means to remind people of. The event will showcase all the best songs not only by Michael Jackson but also by the three other magnificent artists. Get your hands on Superstars of Motown tickets so that you can enjoy a blast from the past in the best possible way. 

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