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Celebrating the music of the Pop legend Elvis Presley, Love Me Tender the Ultimate Elvis Bash is going to be a treat for the fans of the Presley’s music as it will be featuring some of the finest Elvis impressionists from the nation over, doing what they do the best. The concert will take you back in time, and will take you as close as it can to the true feel of what it was like to actually be in an Elvis concert. The event will be featuring Mike Albert, Scot Bruce and the Big ‘E’ Band. All of these three acts have been impersonating Elvis for quite some time, and also enjoy a good repute in that regard. So in present times, if you wish to find out what it was like to be in an Elvis concert, you can do so with Love Me Tender the Ultimate Elvis Bash tickets.

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About Love Me Tender The Ultimate Elvis Bash

With his show Ultimate Tribute, Mike Albert currently enjoys international exposure and popularity as an Elvis impersonator. With his show, Albert has toured in many parts of the world, and always praised for what he does. Over the years, Albert has been able to win a large number of Elvis contests all over the world, whilst performing live as well. With the passage of time, the demand of Albert’s Tribute Show grew larger and that demand ultimately resulted in the creation of a seven piece Big ‘E’ Band. The Big E Band brings back the sound and flavor that the Elvis’ original band gave to the audience during his concert tours or his Las Vegas shows. Apart from that, Mike Albert has also made several national television appearances including an appearance on Oprah Winfrey Show, as well as on A Current Affair.
Other than the Big ‘E’ Band, Mike Albert has also toured along with the original vocal groups which toured with Elvis Presley. The groups include the Stamps Quartet, Jordanaires, and J.D. Sumner. All of these groups have performed alongside Albert in various cities across Europe, United States, New Zealand as well as Australia. Wherever Albert performs, he manages to win the hearts of his audience with his Charisma and close to original portrayal of Elvis Presley. Each year Mike Albert performs at various venues, theaters, festivals, variety shows and fairs; and each time he manages to attract a large number of audience members to the event. Love Me Tender the Ultimate Elvis Bash is expected to be packed with his fans as well.
Joining him in the event’s lineup will be yet another renowned Elvis impersonator, Scot Bruce. Bruce initially started off as a radio jockey as well as a drummer. While living in Los Angeles, Bruce pursued to have a career in acting and music, and while doing so he used put up a 1950s Elvis Presley concert as way to support his income. With the passage of time, a show that was meant to only support his income turned out to be a huge success for himself. Thanks to his resemblance to young Elvis, and the way he sings and shakes about on stage, has turned his Elvis tribute show into a huge success. Over the years, Bruce has performed at various venues all across United States and in other countries as well. Moreover, Bruce has also made his appearance as Elvis in the music videos of Sheryl Crow and Faith Hill. Quite recently, Bruce has also had the honor of performing alongside the original backing band Elvis Presley, the Jordanaires. Bruce also regularly performs at the Disneyland as well as tours live with the Legends of Rock and Roll – Buddy, Roy & Elvis.
When all of these Elvis acts join together, the resulting event is expected to be nothing but spectacular. So go back in time, and witness an Elvis concert with cheap Love Me Tender the Ultimate Elvis Bash tickets. 

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Q:Will I be able to buy love me tender the ultimate elvis bash tickets at even better prices if I buy them a few days before the event?

A:No, The Ultimate Elvis Bash Tickets prices will remain as they are regardless of when you buy them.

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