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Golden Oldies Spectacular Tickets Tickets

The saying “Old is Gold” is right on the mark when it comes to music. Music from days of the past always brings back good memories and a strong sense of nostalgia. Golden Oldies Spectacular tickets will take you a few decades back to treat you with the classic yesteryear tunes. The Golden Oldies Spectacular is an event that should be attended by people who appreciate good, soulful music.

About Golden Oldies Spectacular Tickets


For 2013 The Golden Oldies Spectacular once again features brilliant artists, all of whom are famous in the music industry for their art. The lineup for the event includes Lou Christie, The Duprees, The Drifters, Jay Siegel and The Tokens, Jimmy Clanton and Linda Jansen. The Golden Oldies Spectacular is expected to be a night of music nostalgia and beautiful reminiscences.


Jimmy Clanton’s appearance at The Golden Oldies Spectacular is being looked forward to by fans with immense excitement. Titled as the ‘Swamp pop R&B Teenage Idol,’ Jimmy Clanton became an instant sensation when he entered the music industry. One of the few white men who became a success in the R&B music scene of New Orleans, Jimmy Clanton earned his fellow peers’ respect with his perseverance and dedication to music. A member of the Louisiana Hall of Fame, Clanton’s more popular songs include “Just a Dream”, “Ship on a Stormy Sea”, “A Letter to an Angel” and “Venue in Blue Jeans”, all of which of which were honored with the gold disc. A charismatic performer on stage, Jimmy Clanton always manages to please his fans with his live sessions.


Lou Christie has the story of a typical small town boy who made it big. He is a multitalented artist who has earned millions through his career as a recording artists, songwriter and performer. He became the talk of the town when many of his singles made it on the charts during the 1960s. Critics raved about his three octave voice range and were impressed by the teenage boy who put all his efforts into achieving his dreams. Some of his hit singles include “The Gypsy Cried”, Two Faces Have I”, How Many Teardrops”, Lightnin’ Strikes” and many others. Fans are hopeful that Lou Christie will entertain them with all his famous hits at The Golden Oldies Spectacular. It is the attraction of all these old classic songs by the evergreen artists that lure music lovers to buy cheap Golden Oldies Spectacular tickets.


Doo wop style of music will lend an extra charm to The Golden Oldies Spectacular, which is why Jay Siegel and the Tokens will be performing at the show, much to the pleasure of their fans. The band’s leading man Jay Siegel has put a lot of hard work and passion into the band’s music and it is through his guidance that the band achieved such great success. Under his leadership and guidance, the Tokens produced many hit songs, which include “The Lion Sleeps Tonight’, “Tonight I Fell in Love”, La Bamba”, “He’s in Town”, “In The Midnight Hour” and many more.


The Drifters are known for the edge they gave to the soul music genre with their gospel style of music. The band was extremely popular with the fans not only because of their catchy music but also because of the interesting and eye pleasing choreography they created for their live performances. The Drifters knew how to keep their fans hooked to their music and constantly come up with innovative ideas for their fans.  


The Duprees, another band in The Golden Oldies Spectacular’s lineup, is a doo wop music group famous for the hits “My Own True Love”, “You Belong to Me”, “Gone With The Wind”, Delicious” and “Why Don’t You Believe Me?”


Given the amazing music line up that is to  grace the stage of The Golden Oldies Spectacular, the event is expected to be an immensely memorable night for music lovers. So grab your Golden Oldies Spectacular tickets to enjoy the live performance by the famous artists.