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For as long as Frankie Valli wants to sing, people will want to listen. Superstar musician of 1960s is hotter than ever in 21st century thrilling everyone with his electrifying concerts and dance numbers. Buy Frankie Valli Hyannis tickets and enjoy the mesmerizing performance of the legend. Born in 1934, Frankie Valli was inspired to take up musical career since he was a child. He worked as a barber before he could support himself with music. His professional singing career began in 1951 as part of Variety trio. He joined The Variatones which resulted in the formation of band, The Four Lovers. The group was renamed The four seasons in 1960. As group’s lead vocalist he produced a series of hits one after the other gaining huge fan base and commercial success all around the world.

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Besides performing with band, Valli continued his solo performances producing hit singles like Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Who Loves You, December 1963, all of which charted among top 5 on Billboard charts. His first solo album was released in 1967 followed by Timeless in 1968, Closeup in 1975 which featured some of his biggest hits. His 2007’s album Romancing the 60s contains cover of his favorite songs from 1960s. Valli continues to enjoy his career success performing at packed concert halls coast to coast and garnering critical acclaim everywhere. He was inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990. From the deepest emotion of his real voice to the power of his falsetto, he has created a unique style. Buy cheap Frankie Valli Hyannis tickets and enjoy one of the hallmark voices of an era that still create a vibe among listeners of every generation.

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