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Are you familiar with the popular music genre that is known by the name Doo Wop? It is a very popular genre which generated from the African American communities back in the 1940s and became successful after a couple of decades. If you’re a fan of this genre then you must be ever ready to go attend a live doo wop concert. Well now you have an opportunity to attend one very soon as the Doo Wop Tribute band which will be bringing to life some of the greatest music played by three legendary Doo Wop bands which includes the likes of the Drifters, The Coasters and the Platters. The performance which will be taking place at the Ferguson Center for the Arts at Christopher Newport University is expected to be quite a spectacle bearing in mind the bands that have been mentioned who a number of talented individuals would be trying to portray. It is your chance to relive some of the greatest moments of these band’s illustrious careers and all you have to do to attend the performance is to book your Doo Wop Tribute tickets at the first chance that you get because there is a slight chance that tickets may sell out real quick.

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About Doo Wop Tribute

The upcoming Doo Wop Tribute performance will be playing for their audience a number of songs played by the three bands mentioned earlier. The first band in the list is a vocal group which was formed back in the year 1953 by the name of The Drifters. The group hails from the great New York City and has had a number of talented individuals who have had the chance of collaborating with the group. The original band which was founded by Clyde McPhatter was held in the highest regard and it was also enshrined with a place in the Vocal Group Hall of Fame. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has also inducted four past members of this iconic group. Their most famous hits include This Magic Moment and Save the Last Dance. To be given a chance to see their most decorated work being performed live in front of your own eyes is quite a rare opportunity and you must consider going to the upcoming tribute performance.
The second group in the list is another band from the golden years of doo wop in the 1950s and they go by the name of The Coasters. This popular vocal group had a number of hit songs after they were formed in the year 1955 in the city of Los Angeles. The band currently has four members and has had sixteen other members in the past who have graced the band’s name with some truly wonderful music. Their most memorable songs include Searchin’ and Young Blood. The last band in the list is one which goes by the name the Platters and this is another famous vocal group which was formed in the city of Los Angeles back in the year 1954. They are recognized as one of the most successful doo wop vocal group of the 1950s and 1960s when the rock and roll music scene really kicked in. As many as forty of their songs have been able to establish themselves on the Billboard Hot one hundred songs chart during their first twelve years. Four of these songs also went on to achieve the number one spot which includes The Great Pretender which came out in the year 1955 as well as the song My Prayer which was released the following year. The other two number one hits were Twilight Time which was released in 1958 and Smoke Gets in Your Glass which came out two years later. The upcoming Doo Wop Tribute performance aims to do justice to the great success and fame achieved by the songs which will be performed during the event and it is one which you might be able to attend too alongside a number of loyal doo wop fans.
If you have been wondering why this particular genre got so famous then you should consider attending the upcoming Doo Wop Tribute music concert and you are guaranteed the fact that by the time the performances are done, you will have had quite a good time filled with some quality music. Keeping in mind the fame and success of the bands that will be represented, the concert presents the ideal opportunity for someone who likes the genre. Buy your cheap Doo Wop Tribute tickets today.

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