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For the fans of R&B and rock ‘n’ roll music, there is an upcoming delight. Doo Wop Stars are coming to your city for a live concert. Get your Doo Wop Stars tickets and become a part of an entertaining music event filled with foot thumping and head banging dancing beats. The name of doo wop paints a picture of a tenor singing in the lead with a trio or a quartet standing behind him singing in the background. That is how the name originated. It essentially refers to the sounds that the harmonic background provides to the lead vocalist. The inception of the doo wop genre of music can be traced back to the thirties and forties, with records as early as that of the Mill Brothers and the Ink Spots. It initially started as an addition of vocal harmonies to stimulate the sounds of reed sections, strings or similar acoustic instruments.

About Doo Wop Stars Tickets

Built mainly on vocal harmony, doo wop has been one of the mainstream, pop-oriented, R&B styles of music. Normally a talking bass is also part of the entire doo wop package. As a music genre it includes qualities of many vocals, simple beats, meaningless syllables, little if any instrument arrangements and plain lyrics. Usually the performance features a group of individuals taking the lead in vocals supported by a backing group. The solo lead vocalist is most prominent in the entire arrangement. This sort of music is unusual today. However it is still has a fan following. Now you have a chance to witness a live performance by a cluster of talented stars of the genre.
One of the most prominent “supergroups” of doo wop ever formed is The Doo Wop Royal All Stars. It was the first ensemble of its kind and was known as “a show within a show.” The original lineup of this group has recently recorded a live album at the Taj Mahal Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. The album is titled “Live at the Taj-Royally Yours”, and is expected to release officially sometime this year. This is a testimony to the fact that this decades old music style is still popular. An important aspect of this kind of music however is the ease with which major labels are able to cover the original songs. The poetic simplicity and the non-complicated nature of the music itself has played a major part in maintaining the originality of the genre.
Now that a reunion is scheduled of the Doo Wop stars at the Cerritos Center in Cerritos, CA, you can expect a similar environment as of The Doo Wop All Stars’ concerts. Dancing and galloping audiences gathered around the stage is typical of a Doo Wop concert. An additional beauty of such music is the meaninglessness of the lyrics that form the major chunk of these songs. Although doo wop vocal arrangements have a fair tendency to become intricate, particularly on untempo tracks, the lyrics remain easy and simple thereby creating the perfect balance. An even better part of this upcoming concert is the low price deals of the tickets Get your cheap Doo Wop Stars tickets today and become a part of an unforgettable live Doo Wop music experience.

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Q:I ordered doo wop tickets a week ago and now i have found out that i cannot attend that show, please cancel my order?

A:All sales are final hence your order for Doo Wop Stars Tickets cannot be canceled now. Please read terms and conditions for details.