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Music has evolved with time to what it is today. Through this process of evolution and metamorphosis, it had to pass through various stages and eras. An especially important and ever green era among all those classical times was that of 1950s and 1960s, when the world was going through many geopolitical and social revolutions, with effects of the international changes evident over arts and music. The pop and rock music was in its infancy at that time and Dick Foxs The Golden Boys is an effort to recall the memories from that beautiful time.

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Dick Fox's The Golden Boys

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Dick Fox's Golden Boys Andy Williams Moon River Theatre Branson Saturday
10/28/2017 8:00 PM
Dick Fox's Golden Boys Kravis Center - Dreyfoos Concert Hall West Palm Beach Wednesday
1/17/2018 8:00 PM

About Dick Foxs The Golden Boys

Dick Foxs The Golden Boys recollects the memories from the era when the rock n’ roll artist Little Richard was in his full bloom and artists like Elvis Presley ruled the industry. Tony Bennett was creating the music that is now considered as the pioneer in modern day pop music. Doo - Woop artists from that golden period are now considered as the legends of music industry.

With the passage of time, things have changed quite remarkably. In contrast with the modern culture of casual dressing, the artists of 50s and 60s used to be quite formally dressed up. Wearing a suite for the performance was considered as necessary for the artists, while the audience was also formally dressed up and seated at the venue. There was no concept of noise by the crowd during the performances and the whole atmosphere at the concerts was absolutely different as compared to what it is seen now a days. Dick Foxs The Golden Boys freshens the sweet memories from the golden classical times for us, where we can enjoy the singers from those olden times presenting their masterpieces while the audience enjoys the atmosphere similar to those serene days.
The music from 50s and 60s was also very different as compared to today, as there was a very strong predominance of vocal skills over songs. There were no modern synthesizers, electric and acoustic guitars and other instruments that we see now dominating the music. The sound was pure and the artists required a great deal of skill and practice before they could come out to present their art before the public. There were groups like the Chordettes and The Mills Brothers that enjoyed popularity and fame across the music industry. Dick Foxs The Golden Boys brings to life the forgotten music and the unique artists from those good old times for us to appreciate.
If you are a true music fan and enjoy listening to the legends of industry, and want to witness some of the most beautiful songs ever sung in history, Dick Foxs The Golden Boys Tickets promise you just the right entertainment for you and open the gateways to the ever green entertainment for your ears. For people who appreciate great music from 50s and 60s, the event would definitely be memorable and exciting like what they have never experienced before!

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