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For all the music lovers who have been waiting for something that would sweep you off your feet, your wait is surely over. Chuck Berry is coming your way to give you an experience that you have always dreamt of. Charles Edward Anderson who is known as Chuck Berry was born on 18 October 1926 in St. Louis, Missouri. He is an American guitarist, song writer and singer. He is known throughout the world as being the pioneer of rock and roll music. He is responsible for giving rock and roll its most unique features that sets it apart from other forms of music which included, major refinement in music and focusing on writing lyrics and composing music that caters mostly to teenagers .In order to do so he has introduced the technique of having guitar solos on the stage that later on developed to be the most important feature of rock music throughout the world.

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About Chuck Berry

Berry’s talent is one that is God gifted. This can be seen from the fact that his love for music dates back to his early childhood years .It was there that he performed for the first time at Sumner High School and showed his passion for music. In the year 1953 he got extremely influenced by the rhythm and music that guitar produced and T-Bone Walker’s showmanship technique, so he started working with Johnnie Johnson Trio in the evenings. He got his first breakthrough in 1955 when he met Muddy Waters in Chicago. On seeing his talent and realizing his passion for music he suggested Chuck Berry to meet Leonard Chess of Chess Records. Leonard instantly saw the spark and talent in Berry which led him to the recording of Maybellene which proved to be a huge success. It was basically an adaptation of the country song Ida Red which sold more than one million copies and went on to be the number one song on the charts.

Berry was a huge success and became one of the most popular artists in 1950’s.He had a film appearance as well as a lot of hit songs in his career that became the reason for his popularity. This lead him to the opening of his own night club named Berry's Club Bandstand which was based in St. Louis. His contribution to rock and roll music is so much that he has had the privilege of being the first person to be included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Though his life has had ups and downs but he stayed equally popular among the masses. In 1957 he performed in Alan Freed’s show Biggest Show of Stars for 1957. In 1970 Berry rejoined Chess following which in 1972 he recorded and released his song My Ding-a-Ling which proved to be one of the most successful songs of his career. He being the pioneer of rock music had a pivotal role to play in the development of rock music which means that he has worked on improving the quality and streamlined rock and roll music to get his desired results. It was not his subjective view about music rather he made the changes keeping in mind the demands of the time and realizing the fact that which type of music was suitable for what kind of audience. Apart from developing the music he had a very important part to play in establishing the right kind of attitude for a music which was novel for the audience of that time. Owing to his contribution in the field of rock and roll music Berry has been equally appreciated my critics all around the world. They were of the view that rock and roll would have been impossible without his contributions.

Chuck Berry has won numerous awards for the services rendered by him in the field of music. He is included in many Rolling Stone “Greatest of All Time" lists .In the year 2003 he was considered to be at number six in the list of top 100 guitarists of the world. In the same year his album The Great Twenty-Eight was given 21 st position in the Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. In June 2008 his song Johnny B. Goode topped the charts and was considered to be the number one guitar song of all times. Chuck Berry Tickets will take you into the world of rock and roll .The music is unique and this uniqueness will give you the most exhilarating performance of the year.





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