Bowzers Doo Wop Party Tickets

Bowzer's Doo Wop Party Tickets

If you are in the mood for some live entertainment, then you are in for a treat. Bowzer's Doo Wop Party is coming up and as always it is sure to be a rocking event! Filled with live music and a lot of excitement, this is going to be an event you better not miss, so grab your Bowzer's Doo Wop party tickets from us and rock away the night at this exciting event!

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About Bowzers Doo Wop Party

Jon "Bowzer" Bauman was born on 14th September, 1947 in Brooklyn, New York. As a child, he was an amazing piano player. He was a child prodigy and began classical piano lessons at the age of seven. He went to the Julliard School at the age of twelve and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the prestigious Columbia College in New York. Bowzer was the alter ego that Jon Bauman developed for his band called "Sha Na Na". It was sometimes referred to as Choo Wate and sometimes Bowzer J. Bowzer. In real life, Jon and Bowzer, his alter ego, were very different and had a stunning disparity. Later, Bowser became an extremely versatile performer in show business, with careers as a producer, host, performer, writer, actor, social activist and a musician.

In 1969, Jon Bauman joined forces with many of his classmates from Columbia College in the group called "Sha Na Na" and produced the character of "Bowzer". This was an important and dominant character on the stage, which led Jon Bauman to become an important force in leading the band to their own television series, which became phenomenally successful. "Sha Na Na" became a very hit TV series and became the number one syndicated show in the United States. The show also ran in thirty-two foreign countries. The show aired for four years first-run and then three years again in syndicated strip. While still remaining in the show "Sha Na Na", Jon went on his own and gave over fifty solo performances. He was a guest star on different shows ranging from Super Password to The Barbara Mandrell Show. He was also a guest host on programs such as An Evening at the Improv. With his group, he also appeared in the immensely successful film Grease and sang the song Born to Hand Jive on the Grease album which was at the time the most selling soundtrack album of the time. Jon left the group "Sha Na Na" in the mid-80s and started to explore his several talents even more. He once hosted the Pop 'N' Rocker Game, the Match Game Hollywood Square Hour on the channel NBC, and the prime time reality show called We Dare You on ABC. He also spent two years as one of the the Video Jockeys on the popular music channel, VH-1. Next, he hosted and also wrote the twelve part series of LBS Communications called The Story of Rock 'n' Roll. A year after that, he worked as a co-host at KHJ's L.A In the Morning because he had now broadened his skills enough to host an issue-based talk show. Following that triumph, he hosted an hour-long series at Universal Studios, Florida. It was called Karaoke Showcase, and it aired on over a hundred television channels.

In the acting world, Jon has made several appearances on many episodes of Miami Vice. He has also done voice-overs for some animated series like Animaniacs, and feature films such as The Jetsons and My Little Pony. He became a successful producer as well, and the Jon Bauman Productions produced The Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll (a series of ten hours), following The Story Of Rock 'n' Roll. Jon Bauman served as a writer, executive producer and host of Bowzer's Rock 'n' Roll Party which was produced by the Jon Bauman Productions in association with the Tribune Entertainment. This is an extremely popular two-hour New Year's Eve special aired on one hundred and twenty stations.

For all you Bowzer fans out there, this is a chance of a lifetime, because the Bowzer's Doo Wop Party is coming to town! Be sure to check out this remarkable event and bring your families and friends as well. This is a real treat for all rock 'n' roll fans so get a move on and go grab the tickets to this amazing party before its too late!

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