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Amateur Night At The Apollo Super Top Dog Tickets Tickets

This year be prepared for an amazing time at the Amateur Night at The Apollo Super Top Dog event as it will give you a high dose of entertainment for sure. The Amateur Night has always been a pride of the Apollo theatre which is host to a number of exciting and entertaining events throughout the year. This season, the theater brings you a competition of its own kind and will surely make you feel out of this world. The theatre itself is a great venue and adds to the pleasure of watching the event. So get going and buy your Amateur Night at The Apollo Super Top Dog tickets as soon as you can.

About Amateur Night At The Apollo Super Top Dog Tickets

The “Super Top Dog” competition is the much awaited and one of the high-on-demand shows of the Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre. Famous for its Wednesday Night appearance and the super cash prize awarded to the winner, this contest has added more excitement to the Amateur night than before. Different from the typical competition shows like American Idol and Star Search held at the Amateur Nights, the Super Top Dog competition is the most popular out of all. The show combines top of the class talent with a variety oriented ambience encouraging strong participation from the audience. The Amateur Night at The Apollo Super Top Dog has brought young talent to the forefront, having an ambition to entertain people.

The Amateur Night at The Apollo Super Top Dog show will feature the budding singers, musicians, rappers, dancers, musicians, spoken word artists, comedians and other talented individuals who want to win the hearts of audiences and achieve their dreams of becoming Apollo stars. You will enjoy the show as it begins with the catchy beats and the party mode presented by DJ Jess. The gangster of comedy, Capone, will add life to the show as he hosts and engages you in his style. So get ready to applaud for the good and be loud with your boos for the gone talent as you will decide the fate of the participants. So be ready to make or break the performers at the Apollo this season.

Getting popular by the day, Amateur Night at the Apollo celebrated its 75th anniversary in 2009. Amateur Night has a history of over seven decades now. The whole affair of this entertainment night started off in 1933 when the actor come producer Ralph Cooper started the Harlem Amateur Hour at Frank Schiffman's Lafayette Theater. A year later he started the trend of Wednesday night shows at Sidney Cohen and Morris Sussman’s 125th Apollo Theatre. This show became so popular that its live radio broadcast shows were carried over WMCA and 21 stations on the national network. The show gave opportunities to young talent to come up and promoted a number of new performers of that era such as the Ella Fitzgerald, a 15 year old girl who became one of the first winners in the Amateur Night show.

The wonderful house to the aspiring powerhouse of talent, Apollo Theatre is based in the New York City. The theatre was built in 1913 and has been associated with African-American performers since the very beginning. It is also placed on the National Register of Historic Places. In the 1920s Harry Suvillian and Harry Ruskin’s I May Be Wrong became the theme song for the club. After the formal launch of Amateur Nights in the 1930s, the Apollo gave the very first breakthroughs to artists like James Brown, The Jackson 5, Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, Sarah Vaughn, Machine Gun Kelly and many more. Artists like Michael Jackson, Gladys Knight, Quincy Jones, Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Eckstine have been inducted on the Hall of Fame on The Apollo Theatre.

Amateur Night at The Apollo Super Top Dog event will definitely bring a big smile on your faces and energies you all over as you become part of the audience. You will have fun in accepting your future star or booting out the bogus players of the show. There will performers who will sweep away the Super Top Dog contest and could become the ever entertaining stars of the future. So be ready to be a judge of the good and the bad and buy your very own cheap Amateur Night at The Apollo Super Top Dog tickets now.