1964 The Tribute Knoxville Tickets

Beatles fans are in for a night of their lives, as the 1964 the Tribute band prepares to perform at a concert in Knoxville, Tennessee. Performing since the eighties, this tribute ensemble has been acknowledged by several critics such as Rolling Stone Magazine as being the “Best Beatle Tribute Band in the World”.  To watch an upcoming concert where Beatles impersonators will perform some of their greatest hits, all you need to do is grab onto your pair of cheap 1964 the Tribute Knoxville tickets immediately.

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About 1964 The Tribute Knoxville Tickets

The 1964 the Tribute Knoxville show will present a journey back into time recreating the Beatles most popular concerts from the sixties. The songs that have been chosen by The Tribute will be taken up from the pre-Sgt. Pepper time period. Established in 1984 by Mark Benson who impersonates “John”, the group consists of Gary Grimes performing as Paul, James Pou impersonating George and Greg George playing as Ringo. Focusing on authenticity, the quartet brings forth renditions of performances from the thirties when the original Beatles used to perform two sets that lasted for approximately thirty minutes each. Furthermore all members are dressed up in vintage clothing, dawning wigs to present uncanny resemblance to the Beatles.

This accuracy has made The Tribute band quite popular and being the only Beatles’ band to have received approval from a Beatles’ relative. The Tribute has also received the honor of being invited to perform in the 1996 Olympics. Watch them perform live by buying 1964 the Tribute Knoxville tickets.